Happiness is murder. It's a reason, and tonight, everything seems so reasonable. I'm the one who asked. Or, did he? (Special Guests: Xavier comes across the town of Lotion, where a reporter gets his scoop on Xavier after the town tries to raise money for a golden statue of its dead founder and gets into debt. The show was produced by PFFR, with animation by Cinematico. All Rights Reserved.

[Flushes]. Mocho: You got a ghost to bring us cuckoo-bread. Your crazies have a brand-new mascot who's played by Percy Handfisher, sophomore whose parents were recently killed in a thresher. Watch. Adult Swim released the series on DVD in America on November 10, 2009, shortly after the series finale originally aired. I just want to groom and train poodles. The pills are filled with monks' zen vibrations. Xavier: You were so sexy out there, Skeeter-beast. Chalaza: I know what we can do with Shiny now. But that only starts a bigger problem: poor families without a job. Unnamed Vato 1: Before tonight, I could never express myself with words. Disabled Boy: Percy, I want to be your girlfriend! Taste... taste... taste... Xavier: Frittata. Quickstop Redneck 1: I got you, dang skeeter. His good deedery results in a drug Lord's death-and per chance a lover for Xavier. [1] The show has been known to mock Christianity, Islam, Middle America, redneck stereotypes, and anarcho-punk subcultures. Enter the full URL of your item or group's Facebook page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's Twitter page. The show never develops much beyond its original concept and falls into a repetitious rut. We all have our own way of killing. https://xavierrenegadeangel.fandom.com/wiki/Chief_Beef_Loco_(Script)?oldid=4123. Meanwhile, the police close in on a notorious baby kidnapper. You were a hit. Xavier: Renegade Angel.

Chalaza: I don't want Percy to be our leader anymore. Thanks for the shot. Xavier Renegade Angel Player Model.

Chief Master Guru: That gets rid of that headache.

Join us!

Young Xavier: I don't see any... Chief Master Guru! It is also consistent to a fault. Looks with your EYES and not with your MOUTH. School Announcer: Troubled High, give a warm, troubled, hey there, ho there to your troubled cra-a-zy! Chalaza: Nobody has ever survived our initiation. Every indulgence, a cosmic cost. VIEW. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Subscribed. Xavier is a soul-searching humanoid of magnanimous philosophical gravity. Mocho: It's kind of embarrassing, but I like to kill on the toilet. Xavier: You are supposed to be dead right now, but here... 20 bucks. Roll Random Skin! Meanwhile, the police close in on a notorious baby kidnapper. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. It premiered on November 4, 2007 on Adult Swim and November 1, 2007 on the Adult Swim website. Xavier: And now I ramble forth on my endless journey to be the greatest aid-spreader of all time. https://www.adultswim.com/videos/xavier-renegade-angel/signs-from-godrilla

"[5], Xavier: Renegade Angel was largely ignored on initial release, but garnered a cult following and by 2017 it was highly regarded for its originality, absurd imagery and smart, intricate humor. Xavier: They say 'tis often the tiniest among us hath the biggest needs. Just whenst you most expect it, Xavier's gratitude starved heart shrieks out "Abandon ye lifequest!" To be a hero, you have to go looking for trouble. Unnamed Vato 1: He's so rich, he had every cell in his body platinumed. Xavier: What do you do if the cops come knocking? Society and cultural psychology and phenomena, the meaning of life, the existence of sentience and the nature of reality have been examined in one form or another throughout the program's 2 seasons. Mocho: I'm big now, but I recently dropped 230 pounds. I say bone white! Pain, madness, and fries collide in this intergalactic time bending mission to find out; why?? Xavier: Well, you just had every cell in your body passioned (Echoes: Passioned...). Being a good Samaritan, Xavier offers to help a disgraced farmer transform his crap corn into a corn crop, even if that means opening up God's drippy heaven crevice.

Xavier: I believe that we are all one. Chalaza: You're right... Rape is not an excuse. Your leg looks dislocated … When the boy's success with science sets off Xavier's insecurities, he decides to become his "guardian enemy" instead. These plots are often very nonlinear in their chronology; however, each episode seems to contain similar themes and motifs, as well as a single opening scene that has recurred in every episode of Xavier: a depiction of the titular character wandering through a desert (possibly a reference to the 1970s television program Kung Fu) as he narrates a semi-spontaneous, often nonsensical philosophical thought that many times connects with the episode at hand, whilst the title card of the show itself flies overhead, usually varying in action or position. I never wanted to be a vato. Through his sly detective work, a reinvention of the, Xavier confuses the friendship with the foe boat and ends up entangled in the energy crisis, deceiving a hurricane-driving scientist (, After Xavier revisits his childhood home (now a strip club for pregnant, lactating women), he reconnects with his youth by simply thinking he was visited by himself in the past. Of course I do. Young Xavier: Chief Master Guru, you have so many wisdoms left to teach me. Each fiber of pleasure you experience causes equivalent pain somewhere else. 8:19. Unnamed Vato 1: How do they expect me to stay out of jail? Xavier Renegade Angel S01 E03 Weapons Grade Life. Xavier features a style characterized by an elaborate and nonlinear plot following the humorous musings of an itinerant humanoid pseudo-shaman and spiritual seeker named Xavier. (Special Guests: When Xavier feels a lack of gratitude, he considers abandoning his lifequest and joining the Normal World or the World of Normals. You have to watch us eat the pizza with nary a slice for yourself. Xavier comes to the rescue of a curious youngster who gets in over his heart trying to impress his father. What doth Xavier? After being mistaken for a genetically engineered pet by a spoiled young child, Xavier decides to teach the child a spiritual lesson. I'm right here. Unnamed Vato 1: You should have picked me. Pizza Delivery Man: [Knock on door] Uh, I know I'm dead, but I forgot to give you your cuckoo-bread. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. When Xavier runs out of desert across which to ramble, he drowns in a sea of completion.

Unnamed Vato 1: Maybe I do have more issues than a magazine stand, but all those magazines are puro fancy. Get out of town and start a new life. The process repeats, and then the Kuttlecrumbs are released. But that only starts a bigger problem: poor families without a job. The show features ribald wordplay, nonchalant violence and transgressive sexuality, in deeply nested, often recursive plots. He takes a kid from a church, who he assumes is being sexually assaulted (ironically, the kid is a sexual predator), to replace him. Mocho: Oh, no.

[8], In 2020, Xavier returned to give a virtual commencement speech, as part of Adult Swim's Commencement Speaker Series 2020, a response to the cancellation of commencement ceremonies due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Xavier: I'm just a simple warrior for peace trying to do right by God's creatures. Xavier: They say 'tis often the tiniest among us hath the biggest needs. Flush them now. Chalaza: You did good, Percy. cyber slave. It's got embossed-gold 12-point courier font on bone-white semigloss stock. © 2010 - 2020 Planetminecraft.com. Xavier then tries to stop the monks who are producing the pills, only to start a World Wide Vibra(Holo)caust.

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