at One Night Stand. Curt Henning (2002 looked like it was going to be this renaissance as the matches he would’ve had with Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Edge, and Eddie Guerrero. AEW Dynamite drew 781,000 viewers, which is up on last week's 753,000 viewers. The fight for my life was on as I am now desperately trying to get my head above water but there is no above water in that space and I’m literally grabbing anything and anywhere trying to post my head up and survive all while still fighting with this seat belt. It's stated that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has [...], Oct 27 - NXT will hold the return of Halloween Havoc tomorrow night on USA Network.

- Jon Moxley vs. Eddie Kingston in an “I Quit” match for the AEW world championship- Nyl[...], is advertising for news reporters to join our small team to help keep the website updated with all the latest pro-wrestling news and live event coverage. I swear to god. Unfortunately they worked with Ron Simmons and Bradshaw for two weeks and were let go. Plus, he was better rounded. If you didn’t watch WCW or couldn’t catch AAA during the 2000s and 2010s, you probably peeped Psicosis in WWE back in 2005-2006 as a member of the Mexicools with Juventud Guerrera and Super Crazy. The team's gimmick was that of a group of Mexican wrestlers who were fed up with the stereotypical portrayals of Mexicans in the United States as la… This style was pioneered by the likes of the late Oro. 3. Psicosis could be pushed to the upper reaches but it would take work to present him as a legit main eventer. was a rivalry WCW missed out on for the cruiserweight division. A disgruntled fans responded, "You also thought it was a great idea to[...], Oct 28 - As previously reported, there has been another potential COVID-19 outbreak at the WWE Performance Center with at least one person testing positive for the virus.
Psicosis entered at #4 in the Royal Rumble match but was quickly eliminated by old rival Rey Mysterio. His English promos weren’t the best, but you know you wanted to hear what he had to say. We're looking for peo[...], Oct 28 - Pete Dunne made his comeback on WWE NXT TV during a segment involving Pat McAfee and the NXT Tag Team Champions Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. Juvi and Psicosis: Juvi is one of those once in a lifetime people you meet. "Typical of Bret Hart then and now. Johnny Gargano won the title with help from someone dressed as Ghostface, leavi[...], An independent wrestler who broke both of his legs recently when a ring entrance went wrong recently set up a GoFundMe account to help support his medical funds. His association with Konnan saw him appear in AAA, Promo Azteca, ECW, FMW, and eventually WCW. CWE promoter Danny Duggan, a passenger in the shared his experience of what happened below. Add Image In 2005, Psicosis signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). and debuted in March 1989. Some fans hated the new gimmick, while others hated it. As big of a Psicosis fan as I am, I have to give it to Rey Rey. No promotion would have a problem putting Mysterio at the top. Swift is a fan of old school wrestling, lucha libre, and puroresu.

Plus, Rey has been in and around the upper reaches much longer than. I really feel if there were allowed to do some of their mocking promos and working with some miscarriage tag teams to begin with they would have made so much more of a big splash.

It’s not often you hear a commentator exclaim that a competitor is at risk of bending a horn while executing a suicide dive, but such was the case in 1996 when Bobby Heenan first saw Psicosis take flight in a match against Rey Mysterio. presents a list of the top 20 most amazing masked wrestlers of all time. Nintendo Mini Partnership Direct October Announced No More Heroes 1/2 And Bravely Default 2 Release Date Confirmed. He often teamed with Fobia and wore face paint. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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debuted in April 1989 and was a staple on the Tijuana and Southern California indies. He wasn’t pushed as hard as Rey. recently lost the NWA Woman's title to Serena Deeb, Billy Corgan of the NWA has provided an update on her status with the promotion on Instagram. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Many Failures That 14 Year Old Me Would Never See Coming 4: When The Cold Hard Truth Has Worn Out It’s Miserable Welcome, Halloween Havoc: The Tricks and Treats of WCW’s Annual Event, Beginner's guide to New Japan Pro Wrestling, History of the WWE Intercontinental Title, Styles Clash: Clash of The Champions Revisited. The trio were confronting Undisputed Era’s Kyle O&rs[...], Eric Bischoff made a surprise appearance during tonight's AEW Dynamite. This was announced by WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer Nick [...], In what may not come as a surprise, WWE has decided to change the ring name of Matt Riddle to just "Riddle" going forward, according to PWInsider. When Gonzalez left AAA in early 2009 he was briefly replaced by a third Psicosis. It’s to the point that if he left WWE, he would instantly be a main eventer anywhere. Though he still competes in Mexico, Psicosis will always be remembered for his legendary rivalry with Rey Mysterio.

and only managed to capture the Cruiserweight title twice. Bischoff was present for the Inner Circle’s Town Hall segment in which he questioned whether superstar MJF was right for [...], Oct 28 - During tonight’s AEW Dynamite on TNT, The Young Bucks made a big announcement regarding their tag team title matchup against FTR at the upcoming Full Gear pay-per-view on November 9. Rey Rey needs no introduction. in 1995 and six-man action against Rey and company at. 4. His first WWE television appearance was on the June 18 airing of WWE Velocity, teaming with Super Crazy to defeat Akio and Billy Kidman. 5. I believed it to be Psicosis from the mumbles I can hear under water. On the other hand, it would be risky considering he collects injuries like Chuck E. Cheese tickets. He stepped away from the wwe ring and back on multiple occasions but he was always over. Psicosis would get his first taste of the big time after leaving AAA for WCW in 1996. His style was somewhat wilder and more reckless than Mysterio’s as well. In what felt like weight shifting in the entire car in what was either one of the boys getting out of the car or trying to get at me, now completely forces my side of the vehicle and me COMPLETELY under water. Bam Bam Bigelow: To be fair, almost every promotion that had Bam Bam Bigelow never really used him to his fullest potential with perhaps the exception of New Japan and ECW. 5. Super Crazy and Psicosis defeated The Dicks and the F.B.I. For both performance, security and a better web experience you should keep up to date to avoid viruses, malware, hijacking and stay on top of compatibility features. He could’ve been part of that Smackdown roster during the Brand Split). Would love your thoughts, please comment. The most terrifying emotion I have ever encountered. He wasn’t pushed as hard as Rey Rey and only managed to capture the Cruiserweight title twice. Car theft with a fake gun resulted in him being fired from WWE. According to Fightful Select, "at lea[...], Oct 28 - Former WWE Superstar and Tough Enough winner Maven has been announced to make an appearance for WWE programming next week! The stable became a tag team when their unofficial leader Juventud was released from WWE on January 6, 2006. 3. Plus, he was better rounded. He would eventually wrestle Mysterio Jr. over five hundred times throughout this career. WWE Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. 3.

He shined in high flying exhibitions and hardcore action but could also wrestle on the mat if needed. So, which one was actually better between these two stars from the 90s Tijuana lucha scene? Shows available are the inaugural Double or Nothing from 2019, ALL OUT 2019, Full Gear 2019, Revolution 2020, [...], Oct 28 - During his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff spoke about the time Bret Hart said that WCW's locker room was filled with "drug abusers." Rey Mysterio vs. Psicosis: Who Was Better? All Rights Reserved. II. Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now. The new NJPW president Takami Obari has revealed in an interview with To[...], Oct 27 - It is being reported by Ringside News that Retribution is starting to be given less and less favor in WWE, and that their push may be coming to an end. Birth Name: Dionicio Castellanos Torres Born: May 19, 1971 (age 49) in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico Height & Weight: 5 ft 10 in, 200 lbs. His association with Konnan saw him appear in AAA, Promo Azteca, ECW, FMW, and eventually WCW.
!, Orton, More, Juventud Guerrera Update, Teddy Hart, Psicosis, & More News, Why Mamaluke Was Fired, Cena/Umaga, Psicosis, & More, Rey Mysterio Note, Why Hasn't Monty Brown Debuted?, Psicosis. The trio were confronting Undisputed Era’s Kyle O&rs[...], Oct 28 - Eric Bischoff made a surprise appearance during tonight's AEW Dynamite.

It gloriously spotty—but so was their match at, would get his first taste of the big time after leaving AAA for WCW in 1996. A Mysterio Vs Juvi Vs Psicosis Wrestlemania match would have been a perfect love letter to the the jr …

This was later fueled with a match that would see Yoshihiro Tajiri and Super Crazy team up and face the F.B.I. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. When he's not writing about wrestling he's usually writing about gaming and metal music. .

could be pushed to the upper reaches but it would take work to present him as a legit main eventer. He had the star power and was immediately marketable.

for the new ECW. In March 1989, Castellanos began wrestling as "Psicosis" for the local promotion in his native Baja California, where some of his biggest feuds pitted him against El Hijo del Santo and Rey Mysterio Jr. His showdown with Rey Mysterio at ECW Gangstas Paradise in 1995 and six-man action against Rey and company at When Worlds Collide in 1994 really put him on the map in the U.S. We can’t forget his 1995 bout against Rey at WAR Super J Cup – 2nd Stage. Very fn real. Add Image In 2005, Psicosis signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). . The thing was, the company changed his gimmick and became the laughing stock of the company. I feel it was a big misstep by WWF/WWE. Bigelow was so ahead of his time being as big as he was and having the agility and speed he had. Car theft with a fake gun resulted in him being fired from WWE. Only those who know his work actually rank him beyond “He was good.”.

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