Deep-fried foods also rank high on the list of unhealthy food items due to the high fat content. "I absolutely loved this! "This is it!!!!" Most people won't think twice about serving basic cornbread when is on the table. If you can eat it, chances are you can fry it. Gird your loins and pack your Pepto — it's fair-food season. ", Jeannie Lemoine Palermo says, "Addictively delicious describes these perfectly!! salty. salty . The original Thing-on-a-Stick, it's the quintessential carnival food and the best possible way to eat a hot dog." It's dry.

— Elyse Inamine, editor, Texas Pecan Rolls: "The real treasures of Southern carnivals lie in cast-iron-baked giant Texas Pecan Rolls served hot out of the oven. But switching up your side dishes can bring a refreshing change to a classic comfort food dish. — Lizzy Saxe, editorial intern, Fried Pickles: "Fried pickles are the snack of the drunk, the Southern or, if you're like me, the loser who didn't win the milk bottle toss at the carnival. And I find myself loping and munching around the fairground thinking, Mmmm . But in my grease-soaked-carb-loving heart, funnel cakes reigns supreme, both for their spaghetti-like tendrils (easy snacking!) RIGHT? — Lizzie Munro, associate editor, Alligator Sausage on a Stick: "Aka chicken of the swamp. and the ensuing flood of memories of walking the rows of Long Island craft fairs with my mom, paper plates of dough in hand."

"This is a carnival favorite where I grew up," says Olivia C. "Oreos get dipped into pancake batter and fried — yummy! Carnivals combine popular fast foods and cookout favorites to entice hungry visitors who want more than a small... Candies.

Staff Picks Deep Fried Oreos® All Rights reserved. Was awesome," raves reviewer Melissa Goff. A List of Carnival Foods Foods. "We had this at the New York State Fair," says recipe creator Cindi. "When we saw the sign Hot Beef Sundae, we were both curious. The crispy batter, crunchy cookie, and creamy filling combine to make one of the world's most decadent fair foods. At any fair or festival in the U.S. you'll find myriad food options, from meat kebabs to cotton candy, but don't limit your palate to run-of-the-mill fair food.

I brave the streets of NYC's much-maligned Feast of San Gennaro for the half-dozen bag of zeppoles (that's the smallest they come). These have proved hard to find north of the Arkansas River, but the piping hot layers of sticky dough swirled with cinnamon, sugar and pecans were always the highlight of the ferris wheel-riding, ring-tossing days of my youth." — Jillian King, managing editor, Okinawan Doughnuts: "The kind of carnivals I grew up going to were less deep-fried this and rickety rides and more concentric dance circles of fan-waving grandmas and hot bowls of light chewy udon noodles. What is the Best Food to Sell at a Festival? I discovered them when I moved to California in my early 20s, where they were pulled fresh and hot out of bubbling oil not only at fairs but on the street, at public transit stations and at the beloved taquerias I ate at a little too often. And of course, nothing can beat the most classic fair food of all: deep fried Oreos! Enjoy as is, or give your fried cheese curds a Canadian upgrade — pile on the fries and gravy! We sent you a verification email.

Really, it looks just like a hot fudge sundae and when we got home we made our own version. SW Productions/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images, A Web Experience brought to you by LEAFtv, Ideas of What to Take to a Bonfire Potluck.

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