So many great comments! It was just a thought that hit me when I thought Elena was just acting surprised! Speaking of Kevin, I did like his final goodbye message to Ramses. And sour grapes.

I hope Kevin does not win this season. Lisa, thank you again for a great post! Sweet dreams! She just needs to go with her gut more and do opposite of what Cody aspires.

I know he lives in Dallas now but I think he is from Iowa. Can’t help but think that someone told him to keep it calm – whether it be Paul or Christmas (since she seems to be able to calm the beast).

Once he looses his cover they will put him out. @Margie The only bad part of not having any “super fans” in the house… a supreme lack of strategy.

And unfortunately he didn’t get that memo as he had none. He’s putting up Sis and Christie and is positive he will win veto to keep the noms the same. Kevin needs to win HOH so he can get a letter from his wife with divorce papers attached! Did you see Julie’s face? Seems she’s quite the little secret keeper. I have to admit, though — I thought Jessica made a mistake by announcing that. But for Ramses to be a super fan he had to do more than Watch the show!! Didn’t Cliff offer himself as a pawn? So, if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t keep reading.

Thank’s Junksies! Well even if he’s not HOH he still controls the house. They had been warned that a blindside was in the works. Hope Not!!

She likes to think she is in control and this time she was totally out of the loop. Maybe? Everyone else voted to evict Ramses. I agree the show is getting less boring. He wasn’t aligned with anyone. lol, Paul winning hoh – NO BIGGIE…he’s already running the show anyway.

Think about it. Only if I was looking for a workout guru her personality would turn me away from her. I wish all the girls took off their make-up, lashes and extensions and be real. This was because Nicole, feeling guilty about Jessica being excluded from the proposed Alliance of Six, went to Jessica and told her what Nick had proposed. For someone who claimed to be a superfan, Ramses didn’t seem to understand much about the game. I felt bad for Ramses too. I can’t believe when he was on slop he took food into the shower and ate it.

I hope Paul win’s, Paul got on my nerves last year BB18, but he deserved to win ~ not Nichole. If either Cody or Jessica wins the Temptation Comp and then the other one wins the veto, they could actually get through the week without having to use the hex. He said he is thinking Sis and Christie or either using Cliff as a pawn. I don’t know if he realizes that it will basically cancel out his entire HoH. Jess and Cody need to put Paul and Raven up next to each other and if Paul comes down put up matt. It was SO FAKE! LOL. He just sits and stares almost like a catatonic state. Cody will never IRL fit into the LA world that Jessica lives in and she will never live in the cornfields in Iowa or wherever he is REALLY from.

Cliff already flipped and told Jackson the truth about they wanted him to Target Jackson and Holly , so Christie is who Jackson wants out but may backdoor her . Have to admit he plays a good game and if I liked him, I’d probably be happy and loving the show. Get smart with the Thesis WordPress Theme from DIYthemes. Paul and the other side of the house realize that she is really smart, feel threatened and want to take her out ASAP. Teachers Day 2020 - Teachers Day Important Date, Significance, History, Quotes & .... World Tourism Day - World Tourism Day History, Importance and all you need to kn .... World Rose Day - Why do we Celebrate World Rose Day?

Please,it is long overdue Christie has got to go. I worry that the show we loved is gone forever. Get ready for the crying….they are doing the nomination ceremony right now. And he’s fairly intelligent. have a nice day Star! They had their chance, let it be. I wouldn’t want to be there. junksies thank you. If you are searching for big brother season 22 eliminations and about what happened on big brother tonight, you are at the right place because all this information is well described in this article.

I don’t think Ramses will be having that Thanksgiving dinner with Kevin. I really don’t care if someone mentions my name in a positive manner but negativity is rude…js Wonder how long it’s going to take Cliff & Nicole to flip on their new alliance…. [ October 26, 2020 ] Tonight On Big Brother 22: Final HOH Round 1 Big Brother 22 Search for: Big Brother 22 Big Brother 22 Live Feeds Week 12: Monday Highlights October 27, 2020 Tammie Slogeris 0. Previous post: Big Brother 19 — The Diary Room Is Once Again Open! If Jackson is stupid enough to put up Christie and Cliff, it will backfire! And did Julie say you could choose to play or not play?? Wow…really Jolee…you think that was a fake reaction by Elana?

I wonder if Cody is on some type of medication to control his anger? He will do whatever Paul tells him to do – he’s so unpredictable with his emotions – he’s either crying because he was hurt by what someone said or did, or he’s running maniacally thru the house creating chaos. And Jessica said even if Paul put Cody on the block Paul could use the veto on Cody. It should be Tommy and Christie IMHO. Big Brother 2020 Elimination - Find about Big Brother 2020 Elimination and get to know about all the episode’s eliminations. So she had a connection to two people before the show.

He’s not a have not anymore. Instead, like so many of the nominees this year, he waited until the last minute to really campaign. That is why Paul is running the house!

I was disappointed too.

He was doing that all week. And Josh!!! She was much thinner but still a Ho.

Ramses should have rallied some votes and had a better social game. Previous post: It’s Time To Open Up The Diary Room For Week 7! Ginny…I was surprised too but at the very end of the show Josh was getting ready to say something when both Paul and Kevin reeled him in from making an a$$ out of himself. I imagine that Christie, Tommy, and Nick will be targeted this week. I cant figure it out! I want Tommy to go first, even though I can’t stand Christie.

For the video of Ravens mom just go to YouTube, in the search bar enter “raven mom bb 19″…it’s the first one that pops up….it’s 11 minutes long. He seemed awfully calm!

I hope she gets to go to jury house very soon!


I haven’t watched the last two night’s of BBAD, and from the comments about it, I will probably skip them! But a few did play and apparently, Jason is now the third nominee. Josh is a bomb waiting to go boom. He really should put up Tommy in that case. It’s a mini documentary compiled by a non-fan with news clips, interviews, etc. The expressions on her face in the silent film! She played a ditsy blond silent film star! I’m also ready for all of Paul’s sheep to wise up and start playing their own game.

I am so tired of getting my hopes up and seeing them crash over and over. You should have picked up some strategy too.

Jolee. Did you see Josh pretending to get up and try to look shocked it wasn’t him?? Are they all drinking protein shakes?

So, Nicole found herself as the deciding vote. It’s more than any body else is doing! Episode 18: Big Brother served the housemates another curveball with Mat winning a game advantage. Your summation of events that took place on the show is a gift. So, if nobody wants to play in the Temptation competition I assume there will not be a third nominee. I love it. ..the end, As much as I can’t stand Josh I’d carry him to about 4th place. That’s how I roll.

Each week I’ll be updating this page here with the latest Big Brother 22 spoilers and status updates for the season with competition and ceremony results. And, for the first time in Big Brother history, the house guests will get to choose whether or not they want to compete.

He knew he wasn’t going home. I hope Cliff and Nicole still want to work with Holly and Jackson.

Sign Up Today to receive an email when there is a new post on the Big Brother Blog! Someone mentioned something about Josh’s job…he works in his families “hair care” business so basically he doesn’t have a real job! thanks Lisa, i was sorry Ramses got voted out, he was a good kid, Another great update Lisa. I’m so sick of their crying and whining. About Nicole an Cliff they have already flipped!

If Paul were really smart he would not work so hard to evict jess and Cody until jury house.

What’s wrong with these people? Didn’t somebody say there were another couple that knew each other before B.B.? Once again, we went into tonight’s vote with a lot of uncertainty in the air. Wisteria, I agree!

So I think Mark and Elena might have been.

Things are changing fast..Will we see Christie crying again. I wanted to check it out! I’m with you Ginny. Then again, forcing Jessica to use the temptation isn’t necessarily a bad strategy.

I think Jessica was doing fine before Cody came back in the game now Jessica with all the power still made bad decisions and Cody bullying people to vote josh out I think Cody has no social game he just look mechanic like a robot almost no emotions .I feel Cody made Jessica game worse because they never communicate with the rest of the house bad strategy, Whew!!! What dies she really look like without all that countering..fake hair and lashes!!!! I think one reason Josh was acting shocked after the eviction, is because who on the block can ever be 100% sure they aren’t going to be evicted? Have a good nite. So, right now, it appears that Jessica and Cody are going to be nominated but, as always, anything can happen!

Paul spent a lot of time studying those cartoons the night before. Can’t wait until she’s gone. After the vote, Cody and Jessica may have been upset but they didn’t seem to be surprised. Each year the optimist that I am has high hopes with a return to the good times. For those keeping track, the final vote was 7-3. Mark won the comp! Then everyone would be bitching because they were totally running the house. Just like Matt and Raven.

As for Josh — well, I’m happy any time he gets that smirk wiped off of his face. Even Paul is astonished that they are following him like sheep!

They will get what they deserve.

We promise to only email you when our Blog has a new POST to share with you! They’d need cue cards to even go on. I realised that wasn’t going to happen when I saw how much time was left!

Cathy…yes I did see the video and the last part was a shocker to actually see Paul and Raven hugging confirming that yes, they did actually know each other prior to the show. And what is the business she is trying to launch that she asked Paul for his advice? No I haven’t.

Just like Josh could be on Valium the way he cries all the time and then amuses himself with his antics…he is quite different than the first few days.

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