This is the legendary contest in which Texas Western, playing only blacks, defeated all-white Kentucky by a score of 72-65.

It was Lattin’s dunk over Riley in his team’s second possession that set the tone for the game. Wes Unseld dominated the place where basketball, when it was a sport for men, used to be played -- in the paint. Attention has been paid, important lessons learned. The lesson was self-sufficiency, which passes through the family’s DNA. “I’d see him do things I didn’t believe people could do,” Unseld said.

Unseld’s father, Charles Unseld, worked for International Harvester. JOIN OVER 35,000+ PATRIOTS IN RECEIVING REAL, ACCURATE, AND AMERICAN-CENTRIC NEWS! He was 74. During the season, Lattin averaged roughly half of Unseld’s points and rebounds. Wes Unseld arrived when the salaries were moving from five figures to the low sixes.

Lattin was a star and an intimidating presence. Of NBA players who debuted in 1964 or later, here is the career leader in rebounds per game: Wes Unseld, 13.99. He was a sophomore that season, and averaged 19.9 points and 19.4 rebounds per game for Louisville. When parade day came, from my back-seat perch I kept looking from Unseld’s proud, Buddha-like face, with its quiet smiles of pleasure, to the cheering crowds waving to him — from hard hats to business suits.
“Yes,” Kim said. |, John Harbaugh: Unclear How Quickly WR Dez Bryant Can Help Ravens, Charles Tillman On Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey’s Version Of The ‘Peanut Punch’, One Fan's Opinion By Stan 'The Fan' Charles, Catching Up With Towson Men’s Basketball Coach Pat Skerry, Fantasy Football 2020: Week 8 FanDuel, DraftKings Lineups, Ryan Mountcastle Shows Potential To Be Cornerstone Player For Orioles, After Injuries, DeShon Elliott Taking Advantage Of Opportunity With Ravens, Player Profile: Long Reach High School’s Cameron Hindle, 2020 Baltimore Ravens Predictions: Ravens Vs. Steelers Week 8 Picks, Anticipation Builds For First Ravens-Steelers Showdown Of 2020 Season. And that’s very powerful, and both my brother and I have always taken that to heart.”, She says she never knew quite how famous her father was while he was playing, until “it became real fabulous to wear ballplayers’ jerseys. You know, to clean tires. Indeed, Rupp tried very hard to recruit Big Wes. Or, you can climb up that tree. Now it’s all in the millions. But his grip is iron-like; his words are upbeat, funny and self-effacing; his pride in this school is palpable and his memories of his basketball days are vivid. Without a doubt, he played a major role in Texas Western’s victory, with 16 points and 10 rebounds. That’s what I did coming up. That history includes the national championship game in 1966 between Kentucky and Texas Western. And I’m just standing there watching him, and the ball’s right there.”, And then there’s Gus Johnson, one of the first pros to play the game above the basket. He didn’t want us to be out by ourselves. Now 70, Unseld moves a little creakily, and the full Afro haircut he once had has turned grey and sparse.

That history includes the national championship game in 1966 between Kentucky and Texas Western. He and his family have stayed in Baltimore and created a legacy unlike almost any other athlete’s in memory. And so came another lesson, this time of reaching out to help others no matter the obstacles. Unseld works as an office manager and head basketball coach. “He was an oiler,” Wes said. Kim lost her vision seven years ago, “initially from a horseback riding incident that pretty much took care of a bad retina situation that I didn’t know I had.” That condition was diabetic retinopathy, in which abnormal blood cells increase in the retina, leading to scarring and cell loss. In reading tributes to the late Wes Unseld, I learned that Adolph Rupp, the racist coach at the University of Kentucky, wanted to make Unseld the first black member of his team. Brewer: A star who handled the lesser roles, Wes Unseld couldn’t hide his greatness. Those are your dreamers. He spent most of last winter in the hospital with illnesses he’d prefer not to talk about, and the other day he was using metal crutches to help him walk through a few rooms at the school. But it’s more than his name; his work here has been vital, too. And so we had every vegetable you can name.”. The Washington Wizards shared a statement from his family.

Copyrights reserved to authors by way of attribution. “Yes, I do. “We stayed together in his home for two months,” Hayes said Tuesday after Unseld died at …

No fan’s hand was neglected if he could reach it to shake or slap. By signing up you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, Discussion of news topics with a point of view, including narratives by individuals regarding their own experiences. “Just look at this, Wes, please,” pleaded Patricia Hall, a fan. But for us, the loss of Wes is more than that.

It was always a pleasure because he was honest, sometimes bluntly so, and smart. His father was a prizefighter, construction worker, oilman, and baseball player for the Indianapolis Clowns. The Unselds’ School has been serving children for nearly 40 years, long enough that second-generation children now attend. All other rights are reserved for The Spectator Media, unless otherwise noted. Jordan’s arrival couldn’t change it. The Baltimore Bullets selected Unseld … “My earliest memory of Wes Unseld is as a lanky Seneca High School center, overshadowed by Mike Redd, but dominating games with his rebounding and defensive skills. For many athletes, life seems to shrivel up at the end of their playing days. There was also never a more respected person or unselfish teammate, in any sport, than Unseld. Meaning, a lot of these hustlers, people trying to get things the quick way. Wes Unseld was a giant by any measure - The Washington Post LOUISVILLE – Today, Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3), released the statement below on the passing of University of Louisville basketball legend Wes Unseld: “My earliest memory of Wes Unseld is as a lanky Seneca High School center, overshadowed by Mike Redd, but dominating games with his rebounding and defensive skills. So the Unseld family took in the two boys, who stayed with them through all their adolescent years — bringing the total children in the house to nine. Please enter your information below to And when the kids come here in the morning, he tells them, you know, ‘Tuck your shirt in; take your hat off.’ He’s a great stabilizer.”, “Well, I come in here in the morning,” Wes said, “and the expressions on their faces, they’re so happy. June 2 (UPI) --Hall of Fame basketball player Wes Unseld -- the 1968-1969 NBA MVP -- died Tuesday.He was 74. He’d read stories every night to her. “Insurance can’t ever replace the 10 years of memories that ring will hold. Marc J. Spears: The Wizards will honor the legacy of franchise and NBA legend Wes Unseld, who passed in June of 2020, with a jersey patch the rest of the 2019-20 NBA season at Disneyworld. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. Indeed, Rupp tried very hard to recruit Big Wes. That’s mind-bending. I lead with my heart, but he’s the grounded person. But, from the beginning, Wes Unseld embraced a larger world and a life beyond the basketball court. He’d always come home with books. “So my dad rebuilt it.

Her father, listening intently, nods his head. It was kind of chaotic at first, because you’re always second-guessing your ability to do what you don’t think [blind people] can do if you never lost your vision.”. This Week in Identity Politics: “I’ll Find Someone the Right Shade of Brown”, The First Honest Democratic Party Campaign Ad, Biden documents disappeared [UPDATED BY PAUL], This Week in Identity Politics: "I'll Find Someone the Right Shade of Brown", Oregon Makes It Official: It's a Clown Show, Princeton president tries to double talk his way out of pickle he created. The whole ride was like a slow-moving roller coaster that undulated up and down hills.

When he was playing, he’d bring books back off the road. Along Central Avenue and East Capitol Street, from horse-dotted countryside in Prince George’s County through crowded housing projects and the tree-lined streets of rowhouses on Capitol Hill, all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue, the same scene repeated. It’s about kids saying, ‘I really didn’t understand this, can you explain that?’ — where they feel comfortable that nobody’s snickering at them.”, Included are children from various economic backgrounds, what Kim calls “socioeconomic diversity.”. Wes was easily the superior player. In all likelihood, Unseld’s totals would have far exceeded the 7 points and 5 rebounds of Thad Jaracz, Kentucky’s center. Her sign read: “Wes for President. She’s taught with insight — and without sight. “I’ve always been involved,” he said, “but most of the time I just did lawns and painting and that type of thing.
But he took whatever he had and put his money where it contributed to the world around him. Unfortunately for Rupp, his recruitment of Unseld set off a racist backlash. Stand up to power, stand up to the establishment, and join us in the fight against the mainstream media! The basketball world suffered another great loss this week with the passing of NBA legend Wes Unseld at the age of 74. If such devotion surprises anyone, take a few words from Jim Henneman, whose column graces PressBox. “I believed in her,” he said, nodding toward his wife. Reportedly, Wes received death threats, including a dead chicken in the mail. Wesley Sissel Unseld was born March 14, 1946, in Louisville, Kentucky. Most impressive, however, was his post-player career as a businessman and community leader in his adopted city of Baltimore. Big-time sports were changing, and so was the money surrounding the games. He was a sophomore that season, and averaged 19.9 points and 19.4 rebounds per game for Louisville.

Long ago, on wintry nights inside the place we used to call the Civic Center, Wes Unseld, in his Baltimore Bullets uniform, carved images that linger in the mind’s eye nearly half a century later. Yes, there was Wes. That was the biggest problem with me, just standing there watching him do things. “Now,” she said gently, glancing his way as though offering him a reminder, “think about what you did. Then I actually retired and started doing administrative work.”. “Our parents, from the beginning, instilled this notion that you’re going to be something because you’re going to work at it.”. He retired in 1981. At 21? Copyright © 2020 by Power Line and respective authors. Too many younger Louisvillians will never appreciate his greatness, but he was a role model many would be wise to emulate. A conservative publication and syndicator with one aspiration to fulfill: a media platform where truth conquers all. “He started Kim off. We tore up everything, thinking it was cool. (Rupp wasn’t stupid.) And his family has been there each step of the way. Sign up for our weekly NBA newsletter to get the best basketball coverage in your inbox. ... Uncle Wes and a few of his teammates would come over to the house … We can only guess who would have won a Kentucky-Texas Western contest that featured Unseld as Kentucky’s center. Unseld was born in Louisville, Kentucky, to Charles and Cornelia Unseld as one of nine children. In reading tributes to the late Wes Unseld, I learned that Adolph Rupp, the racist coach at the University of Kentucky, wanted to make Unseld the first black member of his team.

He is the godfather of Cleveland Cavaliers all-star forward, Kevin Love, as Kevin's father Stan Love was a teammate of Unseld's on the Baltimore Bullets. You know, he’s a very bright person.

Unseld was so valuable to his teams in so many ways that he confounds analysis.

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