As the kids wait behind her the bus slowly lowers to allow her to drive onto the sidewalk. Cavendish: We’re not looking at animals, you doltish snack hound. ♪ We’re going to the zoo ♪ Dakota: ♪ Looking at some animals! Sara: No, I mean why are they teal? Daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow Zack: Milo! (Milo flashes back to when he was playing video games in the pyjamas. It rolls down it and is lunched into the air.) Melissa: Ahhhhh. (A screaming crowd runs toward them) (Sara, Milo, and Zack peddle frantically on their bikes. Mr. Drako: Hmm. Milo: Didn't what? Sara: Give away Mom's collection of rock concert t-shirts! How do we get the t-shirts from the monkeys? (Diogee emerges from underneath Brigette’s bed and jumps into the clothes box again. Milo: No problem, we follow the truck to the mulching centre, grab the shirts, then we’re gold. Mr. Block: I have complete confidence in your abilities, to bungle this assignment like every other one. The kids are thrown off the trailer into the grass and the trailer ends up in a tree. (Zack and Sara look at him questioningly) (The next day, many people are donating there clothes at the "Tri-State Clothing Donation Drive") Their ostriches jump onto the roof of the passing shops and Milo tries to grab a shirt off a monkey but fails.) Cavendish: Of course he is!

You know you want to. (One lands on the tusk of an elephant and knocks it out) Sara: Wow, those monkeys really know their vintage t-shirts. Zack: In the bag. Do you think we could get them back? Manager: Sorry, clothes only. (A large sign saying “Bird show” collapses as the giraffes pass it and the pistachio cart flies up it like a ramp), ♪ We’re going to the zoo ♪ Too slow. Milo: Dakota: I didn't see any... (The coordinates are printed by the booth) Sara: Stash your bike, here comes a bus! (The others jump onto the trailer as it starts accelerating down the steep slope) Well, looks like you won the bet. Milo: But I thought you loved these shirts. (Milo and Zack approach the donation manager) Zack: Wow. Tour guide: I'm ok. (They pass a sign saying "Tiger Encampment Ahead") (Diogee gets out of the clothes box disappointedly)

I want to see some ani... Milo: How’d you know that? (The Old Lady’s scooter bumps into their pistachio cart and it rolls away) Cavendish: It's him! Oh, I'm sorry Milo. Sitting in the car getting sleep sleep sleepy Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Unless we were at a zoo in Rome that had a flightless birds collection. (Sara, Milo, and Zack shake with shock) Milo: After them guys! Guest Characters: Phineas Flynn • Ferb Fletcher • Candace Flynn • Baljeet Tjinder • Buford Van Stomm • Isabella Garcia-Shapiro • Linda Flynn-Fletcher • Lawrence Fletcher • Irving Du Bois • Giant Floating Baby Head. Dakota: Oh my gosh you're right! Cavendish: Dakota, save the pistachios!

But not until 6! Mummy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow This song article is a stub. Zack: Aw, the back tyre. Milo: In retrospect, I hadn't thought this through. A little higher please. ♪ (The trailer heads off the main road and heads towards the closed "Danville Ski Slope") Milo: Someone's idea of artsy. And we can stay all day.

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