See photos. I made a video of the install. What is so un-lawful about this unruly Volo VP15 comes with plug in OBD2 connector. Ships in 1 to 2 days. Speeds will increase it to 40Mpg if speed is reduced 10 mph. .
Some cars the led lights in the blue box, they stay green. Volo-VP15-IC-Chip. (except for the KOH or NaOH electrolyte and water) 12/2014. No other circuit on the market day does what the Volo chips do, they read the RAM side of the EPOM of your ECM, not the ROM side as 99% of the mechanic tinker with. Due to some minor leakage issues with my tank, I was forced to operate the truck for a day without the cell in operation. Volo Install Video The 2nd Chevy HHR . FS3 Fuel Saver More engine MAPS with VP4-VP7 software updates (11/12) correct alot of the cars and trucks below that did not get results. From datasheet we can see: vp15-volo-datasheet. remember, , Brown's gas is NOT from eating too much of Hoss's ranch style beans, it is from water, not Brown colored at all . $700 FOR EVERYTHING YOU WILL NEED. I have noticed only a 5-10 mpg increase per tank while driving in the city. We are testing the Volo as you are. 50% gains! 2009 F-250 Super Duty, 6.8L, V10 - 10% gains, volo alone. 80% of our customers are satisfied. 2014 Ford HHO generator set at 12.5 amp for 5L engine.

Update 11/12 ( 225K miles on this work truck, since the hho cell was installed, still running after 2 years of driving, no problems and he just add water and never had to clean out the cell and never added electrolyte ever again. Installed the Volo chip model FS2 May 2013. Page2 23 and 24 talked about hydrogen in the combustion chamber. I took many trips with just the FS2 unit on, now my mileage has improved to 27mpg, just driving 5mph over the speed limit, same as I always drive. RUNNING A HOMEMADE HHO SYSTEM IN THE VEHICLE FORMERLY I GOT ABOUT 19 MPG ON THE FREEWAY. The last tank was 410, seems worse. I have brought it up to 3LPM and DESTROYED my gas mileage, no more then 15MPG city or highway, so poor I had shut off the HHO. c o m, About / Awareness / Education / HG store / Terms of HG / Contact / Links / Sponsor
Maybe 2 -3 MPG's, wish it could be better for the $$$$ spent on the system. 2014 Dodge Ram Hemi, 5.4L Customer installed his own 11 plate 6"x 6" cell, bought a PWM30 from HG and a Volo FS2 and is only runig his cell at 5 to 7 amps and is getting 30% better mileage! HHO4FREE 20% were dissatisfied, or hooked it up wrong, or was installed on a car that needed servicing before installing the volo circuit. Each time the device is disconnected, calibration and 120 mile adjustment period must be repeated. I used a pwm and a 9 plate dry cell on my 2000 ford f150 5.4 liter gas engine w/ volo2hho.

During this time gains may not be evident. Hopefully I will get even better performance and mileage. We do not recommend this as it encourages frequent installation and removal resulting in negligible gains. 34 to 36%% increase in fuel economy. Tel: 0972-706-206 I am using the Kiwi MGP reader and/or divided my mileage per tank over number of gallons (16gal.) The Volo is recording your miles & other info. Just the Volo is not good enough :(  I believe this limitation is more on the ECU then the Volo, as it's programmed to keep mileage low.. 1996 GMC Sonoma 4.3L with just the Volo FS2, went from 22 MPG to 32 MPG, I couldn't believe it, 2 gas tanks tests and double checked to make sure, it was correct. I love VOLO PERFORMANCE!! You push the reset button again, while the car is idling and the engine is hot and running in "closed loop" mode. They have to work right from the git-go so your guarantee is worthless to me. I find it pretty pitiful that on all the old Carb-based vehicles, there is a little dial to change the fuel/air ratio, now, we have to buy additional hardware (EFIE) to get that same little dial. It will calibrate your new air flow and adjust to the pressure on your MAF or MAP. Mobile Uploads. Stop, idle push the Volo reset button with a paperclip or toothpick. We program the circuit to your specific make, year, model car or truck.

2004 Kia Optima with an FS-2 Volo and I'm getting a solid 12% gain in MPG with no modifications. Sorry we cannot ship to Customers from Hong Kong, China, Tiawan, Indonesia. -----

Thanks You can tune for HHO, or without HHO. 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, 4.0L Results with the Fuel Vaporizer and Volo FS2, I got 38.18+ increase in mileage! Of course, they want us to suck the gas, what I believe was the main reason why EFI was put in cars to begin with, to make it far more difficult to get good gas mileage and keep this control under the manufactures of the vehicles What makes the most bucks of any vehicle? A good 16% to 25% improvement! Make a small amount of the static cling form of HHO 85%+ ORTHO HHO and se the RESULTS like this!! After installing the Volo we now average between 21-22 mpg. Ford Ranger 2002 I've installed the volo chip on my 02 ford ranger and found that my mpg went from 13 mpg to 18 mpg in the summer. The results are around 10% to 15% gain. no improvement with the HHO.Then with the FS2 38 mpg., but I am having a problem with not enough HHO production. Why did it go down? 'VOLO VP15' - VLINK Program yourself. ---------

why not get out in your Garage and Go Green. The beauty of using HHO on cars is that my car pass smog check easily perhaps HHO helps completed burn due to its extreme fast flame speed and reduce carbon deposits inside the internal engine combustion chamber. or. Ford F-150 Truck 2000 5.4 liter v8,  15.5 mpg originally. Every vehicle seems to be slightly different with how it excepts increasing efficiency. In reality I got a little better MPG with the EFIE, but the peace of mind that the FS2 gave me (and less frustration of not having to worry about the manual settings) was worth the difference in the MPG on my Toyota Tundra. Expensive lesson. After about 500 miles with no improvement, I re-initialized the chip. The Magnum was getting 18 to 20 mpg. It's obvious to press the gas pedal to accelerate our cars but we should learn how to let the gas pumped into the combustion chamber burn by slowly release the gas pedal after press it hard while maintaining the car speed. Sorry not Mac compatible. BMW Z3, 6 cyl., 2.8, 1997 FS2 results = Used to get 20 MPG on a average. A car or truck must be tuned for the the volo to get you MPG savings. Instead of being a Coach Like TV mechanic, Ford F150 truck , 2002 , FS2 results = It has been a few tanks of gas and I am getting the same mileage as before but I have not added the hydrogen generator.

1989 Oldsmobile, 3.8L - OBDI car, so no volo available. It consistantly provided me with 18-20MPG on my Toyota Tundra. The benefit the FS2 gave me was it took out the guess work for finding the sweet spot in tuning the EFIE. I keep watching news related to the HHO technology because I strongly believe hydrogen is solution and I'd been watching the Volo chips particularly the FS2 for hydro cell installation. Some of these may not apply to you. We started collecting Volo customer test data (feedback) from our customers.

The Volo circuits are all permanent installations. I only use this vehicle in the Winter to drive up to our local ski area 26miles away. We placed the replies in the order of the date sent to us. 2004 Cadillac SRX V8 engine. No Volo, no electronics to fool the ECM. I was surprised.I would get 350 miles on I-95 before VOLO and 225 miles in Ft. Lauderdale. Still giving it more time to over ride the ECM.

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