He wielded a club in one ham sized fist and a big black revolver in the other. This was a long tenement house. I went back to my buddy and he was a mess. “If some unprecedented calamity should come Political Electoral Popular upon the nation . When we got to Flagstaff, we had to walk through part of the city. Sometimes seven or eight peo- ple would live in one room. I watched for an open boxcar door but found none, but a low gondola car approached. We always knew when a freight train was coming in because a little black Ford coupe would come along the RR right of way and park. the nation’s capital in May 1932 was not just another group of men who were down on their luck. go.hrw.com 3 Online Quiz SECTION ASSESSMENT Keyword: SE7 HP11 Reviewing Ideas, Terms, and People c. Design What are some relief programs that Hoover’s 1. a. Many had left neighborhoods of shacks sprang up on the out- behind families that they could no longer care skirts of town or in public parks to house the for. Our entrance fee to obtain this tasty soup and listen to the bums tales of adventure was a sheaf of marijuana. My Mother, Margarita Bombach Chavez, never turned anyone down. resources Economic Impact of the Great Depression AVERAGE INCOME AND FARM BANKRUPTCIES, UNEMPLOYMENT RATES, SPENDING, 1929–1933 1928–1933 1928–1933 Income Spending 6 30 800 5 25 600 4 20 Dollars 400 Farm Bankruptcies (in thousands) 3 2 Percent unemployed 15 10 200 1 5 0 0 0 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1920 ’28 ’29 ’30 ’31 ’32 ’33 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 Year Year Year Source: Historical Statistics of the United States Source: Farmer Bankruptcies and Farm Exits in the U.S., Source: Historical Statistics of the United States 1899-2002 Skills FOCUS INTERPRETING GRAPHS 1. During October, the stock market HISTORY’S VOICES dropped in value by about $16 billion. There are generally 50 vendors in the market. In 1929 assembly lines. The pho- “There were many beggars, who would come to your tograph at right shows Japanese American migrant back door, and they would say they were hungry. “My mother gave me an icy reception. The per- the loan when he or she sold the stock. . DESCRIBE SOME OF THE MEMORABLE PEOPLE YOU MET - GOOD AND BAD. Compare In what ways were Hoover’s basic beliefs similar to those of Presidents Harding and Coolidge? The Federal government put a stop to the work as a menace to navigation, but the piles are still visible in a photo taken in 1891.[5]. For Hoover, the project’s success demonstrated the creative power of partnerships between private busi- ness and the federal government. The release of brakes, the spinning of wheels and a great huffing and puffing as it gathered speed for its endless journeys. This method was only available in the fall of the year after the corn was cut.I was with a group of men, women and children in and on a freight train headed west through Kansas. I was able to get a good education, often spending hours a day in the Public Library in the non-fiction stacks, where I read widely – natural and social sciences, philosophy, comparative religions, agriculture, hunting and fishing. As a result, the fertilizer at lower prices than individual farm- economy plunged into the Great Depression. WHAT LED YOU TO LEAVE HOME? All smart hobos got off when the train slowed enough, say 25 mph, and walked over to the main highway, and thence walked through Cheyenne to the railroad right-of-way on the other side of town, where they could catch the outbound train. The most memorable question that my Dad asked me that evening at dinner was, “Did you learn anything?” And I replied without hesitation, “Yeah! I hope they made it. The folks fleeing the dust bowl and the rural poverty. ” quadrupled. By 1933 U.S. bank failures had For ordinary Americans, the collapse of banks wiped out billions of dollars in savings, on top was an especially unnerving new development. On my 16th birthday I was at sea. We would take the mothers to the stores on Edgewood Avenue . Mom made herself busy in the kitchen, but I knew from the shadow she cast on the dining room wall that she was listening intently to our conversation. Ron Basford, the Minister responsible for CMHC was, was referred to as Mr. Granville and was later recognized with the naming of Ron Basford Park on Granville Island. He always seemed to have an uncanny sense where to find bos. Rides were hard to come by. This was not unusual for me.

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