Company shares; specifically common stock. Stocks as Punishment Devices: were used in medieval, Renaissance, and colonial American times.

By the middle of the 15th century, it also meant ‘a sum of money’. Inventory of goods – stored products – that companies keep to meet future demand. According to Masculine Development, which focuses on helping newcomers and seasoned investors on how to trade stocks more effectively: “Stocks, shares, or equity are types of securities that show that the holder has proportionate owners of a company. There’s a lot to learn about stock and holdings management. The stockholder is entitled to a proportion of the company’s earnings and assets.”. In 1761, the term’s meaning widened to include a theatrical company regularly acting together at a specified theater. The old English word stocc, meaning ‘tree trunk, log, stake, post or stump’, came from Proto-Germanic stukkaz, meaning ‘tree trunk’, as well as the Old Norse word stokkr for a ‘block of wood, trunk of a tree’. When shares are first issued, the price is the “issue price” (e.g. Redeemable preference shares are a common way of financing a business. Stock Company: this is a group (troupe) of actors who perform frequently at a specific theater. The stock system first appeared in Elizabethan England and spread to New York, Boston, and Philadelphia in the United States in the early 1800s. Also the proportional part of a firm’s equity capital represented by fully paid-up shares. In the United Kingdom, Government Stock refers to one of the bonds the government sells to finance its budget deficit, i.e. a £1 share issued for £10) which results in a share premium being established. Share Prices. All Rights Reserved. With the meaning ‘to regard as important’, the term to take stock appeared in 1870. Stocks in the world of business has two meanings: 1. Convertible Preferred Stocks are preferred shares with an option to convert them into a fixed number of common shares – generally at any time after a specified date. The owner of common stock (common shares) is entitled to receive dividends and to vote at shareholders’ meetings.

Some shares are very popular because the press likes them and analysts forecast great potential. Synonym Discussion of share. Also the proportional part of a firm’s equity capital represented by fully paid-up shares. A shares have a "front-end load" fee structure.A certain percentage of the initial investment is taken out as commission up front. Inventory of goods – stored products – that companies keep to meet future demand. The person being punished was exposed in a public place – passers-by could (and often would) throw rotten food at the punished person. United Kingdom and most Commonwealth nations. Market Business News - The latest business news. Etymology is the study of the origin of words, and how their meanings have evolved throughout history. Definition and meaning. According to, the verb to stock with the meaning ‘to supply (a store) with stock’, appeared in the English language in the 1620s. How to use share in a sentence.

outside of shipbuilding. The term is sometimes used more widely, i.e. Here is an example of Burgundy Asset Management’s investing strategy. Share definition is - to partake of, use, experience, occupy, or enjoy with others. In the 1510s, the term livestock – meaning ‘farm animals’ – emerged. They allow a company to repurchase its shares in the future (eg if interest rates fall and the company wants to issue new shares with a lower dividend rate), while giving investors the possibility to get their money back at a … In the United Kingdom and most Commonwealth nations, people refer to common stock as ordinary shares.

As a noun, with the meaning ‘supply for future use’, the word stock first appeared in the English language in the 15th century. When stocks refer to shares, it may refer to any type of security that represents ownership of a business and signifies a claim on part of the company’s assets and earnings – either common or preferred shares. Stocks had two or three holes – two for just your feet, and three if your head was immobilized too (see image below). The company presents a different play nightly from its repertoire of previously-prepared productions.

However, if they lose their ‘glamour,’ they often crash.

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