In the end, it was fitting for a life dedicated to the inflicting so much suffering on others. The mansion was built in 1818 by Frederick Ross, who actually founded the town of Rossville, which later became Kingsport. Ross himself would later go on to lay out the town of King’s Port/Rossville, which obviously later became the Kingsport we know today. Overhead the sky began to grow from a promise of rain into a churning sky as thunder began to snarl. It was said you could hear the screams of their hapless victims in the dead of night. Join us as we explore the history and hauntings of Rotherwood Mansion.

The house consisted of red brick, with a portico in front.

During a vacation back at Rotherwood to see her father, Rowena said that she had seen the ghost of her first love, her true love. This toxic cloud of negative energy-or whatever etheric matter is made of- moves, slinking from room to room, drifting on the edges of our consciousness until it can feel inside of our minds, taking on twisted forms and degenerate shadows plucked from our fears and worries. Passing through several owners, the current owner is a prominent OBGYN at the local medical campus.

Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys. Legend says that the lady is Ross's daughter, Rowena, who was said to be looking for her love who drowned in the Holston River nearby. Rotherwood Mansion in Kingsport, Tennessee, is a typical antebellum plantation. The historic mansion of Rotherwood is now a private residence and is located WOLF gets published and goes live on Amazon!

Instantly the dog had leapt for his throat and that’s why he ran, because the dog that no one else could see was chasing him down like a rabbit. , An amazing and disturbing story of an evil man , his Hell Hound and his ghostly presence….This dead cruel Slave owner seems to be as dangerous in his after life as he was in real life……. I moved here a little over two years ago and you can bet the locals didn’t hesitate to share these two stories with me. My advice to you is before you close your mind or buy into the pop culture of ghosts and hauntings, truly look at psychic phenomenon from a respectable source, such as the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, parapsychology, quantum physics, quantum entanglement, the Parapsychological Association. Such could be the place with a location in Kingsport, Tennessee. We participate in several affiliate programs, including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Joshua Phipps, the second owner of the house, is also said to be a ghost here. Kingsport, Tennessee is part of the Mountain Empire, which covers Southwest Virginia and Eastern Tennessee. The 14 Spookiest Haunted Houses in America, New Werewolf Series, LGBT Cast, Adventure/Action/SciFi/Horror, Mountain of Death: The Dyatlov Pass Incident.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Rowena’s husband and daughter went on to live a full life.

Not necessarily life after death but certainly something unknown. Her daughter by her third husband suffered an early demise as well. I know the secrets inside of its walls and now, dear reader, so do you, for better or worse. The casket, under its dark cloth, was moving. They see. Hello, Robert! Over the six months of study we put into both locations, we determined that the sound of voices was caused by the motion of water bouncing and bubbling over the rocks, trash and debris in the streams that flow through both tunnels. As an investigator, I can personally say that those areas are very active. Ross left his once happy manor and grounds and the remaining slaves he could not free in the hands of Phipps and left by carriage to his fate. From my research on the cemetery, it is really creepy at night.

I’m glad you stopped by and commented. Virgealia “Jill” Ellis of Kingsport spoke to the Douglass Alumni Blog about her experiences working at the plantation as a child and the treatment her family had experienced while under Phipps’ cruel hand. I have been to all three of them and also at Mr. Phipps Headstone in cemetery on the next road past Rotherwood.

He sold Rotherwood plantation to the only person that he knew could afford it and the losses it had taken: Joshua Phipps.

By discarding religious and superstitious thought, by dismissing notions of ghosts and goblins and demons and angels, then you can start to interpret the findings based on the data you find.

Perhaps that was an omen of things to come. Please bear in mind however that it is private property and trespassing is illegal and frowned upon. This includes cemeteries. I recently went back to take more pictures but it is blocked and No Tresspassing signs everywhere. Fed up with such reports, the new overseers and the family to calm their own fears agreed that Phipps’s grave would be dug up to prove once and for all that the man was truly dead.

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