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VARIANTS Pearce, Pears, Pearson, Pearsson, Peerce, Peirce, Piers, Pierson, Piersson Pierce is a form of the English, German, Hungarian, Polish, and Spanish Petra.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. The name Pierce is ranked on the 5,339th position of the most used names. Pierce is a form of the English, German, Hungarian, Polish, and Spanish Petra. The name Pierce is of English origin. Pierce is largely used in the English, French, and Irish languages, and it is derived from Old Greek origins.

The name Pierce is a boy's name of English origin meaning "son of Piers". It is of English and Greek origin, and the meaning of Pierce is "rock". pier - ce, pi -e- rce ] The baby boy name Pierce is sometimes used as a girl name. The gun fires a … The history of the name Pierce begins with the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. 16 names similar to Pierce These 16 names were selected by … P ierce as a boys' name is pronounced peerz.

Pierce Name Meaning. These relations of Pierce reached the peak of their popularity during 1950-1959 (MEDIAN #1292) and have become significantly less common since (#1362, 72% LESS USAGE). (2000 U.S. Pierce definition, to penetrate into or run through (something), as a sharp, pointed dagger, object, or instrument does. Variant of Piers from Peter.

Meanings and history of the name Pierce Famous real-life people named Pierce.

What does Pierce mean? Pearson, Per, Pete, Peter (#211 A YEAR AGO), Pierre (#1050), Pierson (#1150) and Pietro are the prominent alternative forms of Pierce (#491) listed in the Top 2000. Pierce is generally used as a boy's name. The name Pierce has six characters. It is not in the top 1000 names. Pierce▲ is alike in pronunciation to Perce. Early Origins of the Pierce family.
Pierce Brosnan - Irish actor most famous for "Remington Steele" and the James Bond movies Franklin Pierce - 14th President of the US. It is of English and Greek origin, and the meaning of Pierce is "rock".

People graced with this name are very talented and are exceptional in everything they do, and are generally noticed for it.

Meanings Anglo-Saxon Baby Names Meaning: In Anglo-Saxon Baby Names the meaning of the name Pierce is: Rock. to go into or through something, making a hole in it using a sharp point: The needle pierces the fabric four times a second.

The same rolls included Robert Peres; Ralph Peres; and Adam Peres.

A name generally given to extremely lucky males.

The meaning of Pierce is "rock, stone".


Piers Plowman was a narrative poem written in England by William Langland in the late 14th century. pier - ce, pi -e- rce ] The baby girl name Pierce is also used as a boy name, with the latter form being far more popular. Variation of the name Peter. P-man P-star.

Pierce has its origins in the Old Greek language. DEMOGRAPHICS), Pierce reached its top rank of #462 in the U.S. in 2013, and is presently at #491.
We estimate that there are at least 56200 persons in the world having this name which is around 0.001% of the population. The name most commonly derived as a surname meaning "son or descendant of Piers or Peter."

Actor Pierce Brosnan. We love that it is a familiar name, but not overused.

It consists of 6 letters and 1 syllable and is pronounced Pierce. English Baby Names Meaning: In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Pierce … The first name has been in use in Ireland since the Norman Conquest.

[ 1 syll. It is derived from the baptismal name for the son of Peter.

These names tend to be more commonly used than Pierce. Piers was a regularly used vernacular form of Pierre in medieval England, brought there after the Norman Conquest of 1066. Pierce is not popular as a baby girl name. Pierce is name that's been used by parents who are considering unisex or non-gendered baby names--baby names that can be used for any gender. Sports and arts abilities come easily to them due to their extraordinary minds and very capable bodies.

Updated February 25, 2019 The Pierce surname was adapted from the given name Piers, a derivation of Peter, which means "rock," from the Old French pierre (Latin petra), meaning "stone" or "rock." Other suggested similar-sounding names are Dice, Dierck, Merce, Pace, Paice, Parke, Parrie, Patrece, Patrice, Payce, Peale, Pearcy, Peele, Peer, Pepe, Percey, Percie, Percy▼, Perez, Perl, Perrie, Perry▼, Pike, Piper, Ponce, Price, Prince▲, Pryce, Reece, Rice, Spence and Vince. Its pronunciation is Pih-RZ †. Pierce has its origins in the Old Greek language.

I couldn't wear these earrings because my ears aren't pierced. Or, "such a strong name." In the religious naming tradition surnames were bestowed in honor of religious figures or church officials.

The surname Pierce was first found in Somerset where one of the first records of the family was listed with an early spelling of the name: Richard Perys, 1 Edward III (during the first year's reign of King Edward III.) Nicknames for Pierce. There were many different early [ 1 syll. The name is a cognate of French Pierre ("Peter"). VARIANTS Pearce, Pears, Pearson, Pearsson, Peerce, Peirce, Piers, Pierson, Piersson, ALTERNATIVE FORMS VIA PETER Per, Pete▼, Petre, Piero, Pierre, Piet, Pieter, Pietro, Pierce is an unusual first name for males but a very prominent surname for all people (#186 out of 150436, Top 1%). The name Pierce means Rock and is of English origin. Actor Pierce Brosnan. Peter has been the recurring favorite, although Pierce appears to be gaining popularity too, while forms like Pete have lost favor. The meaning of Pierce has more than one different etymologies. See more.

Pierce is an English, Welsh, and Irish surname. Pierce is the anglicized form of Piers which developed into an English surname from the French personal name Pierre (Peter in English). Notable persons with that surname include:

Actor Pierce Brosnan brings a strong helping of charm to this name.

(2018 U.S. SSA RECORDS). (of a light….

Pierce ▲ as a boys' name is pronounced peerz.

Variant of Piers from Peter. pierce meaning: 1. to go into or through something, making a hole in it using a sharp point: 2. Learn more. Some of the family were also found in Cornwall. Variations.

The surnames Pearce and Pierce have the Biblical Peter (from the Greek Petros meaning “a rock”) as their origin, although this name usually arrived in medieval England through the French form Piers.

It has same or different meanings in other countries and languages.

It is pronounced as Pih-RZ †.

Pierce has mainly been a boy name …

It is pronounced as Pih-RZ †. It means that this name is commonly used.

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