In Izard County David Gray’s second marriage in 1846 to Nancy Elms, was performed by Justice of Peace Harvey O’Neal. In fact so many people were leaving for Texas that historians have dubbed Tennessee the Mother of All Texans and many present-day citizens of east Texas who have never lived in Tennessee have inherited that drawling Tennessee accent. CallieLamkin George married Martha Ann Bunch. Please keep in mind that this is a list of only the primary biography surnames. Pierce Family Bibliography (Source: WorldCat) Mailing Lists and Message Boards . //-->. Pierce was born December 6, 1854, in Walker County, Georgia. As mentioned in early chapters, Canzada, also known as "Cannie", married John William Bird, the oldest son of George Marshall Bird and Martha S. Clark. Zenas Pierce (Miami County, Ohio), See also: Pearce Family Surname Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let it be afraid. She had lived with her husband near a half century and had gone through the hardships and trials of the Civil War, yet her husband says she never spoke a rough or harsh word to him in her life. Browse the Pierce Family Surname Genealogy. He embraced religion and has been a member of the Methodist Church South over 50 years. Lydia was born January 2, 1833, and is believed by some to have been half Cherokee Indian. Learn more. Many years later, the descendants of these children located one another and reunited. John Virgil Pierce is buried in the Antioch Cemetery. She was told that she weighed only three pounds and that she was carried in a shoebox.

The first group comes from Franklin Galvanian and Sarah M. (Pierce) Miller who were in … Also, notice that John's birth year had been one time listed as 1826, but changed to 1827. Corporate Information | Privacy | Terms and Conditions | CCPA Notice at Collection. This could possibly be J.V. Stephen and Armelia raised Young Pierce Jr. to manhood as well as three children of their own. They were the parents of four young children. William C. Pierce (Fayette County, Tennessee) James and Sylvania had nine known children - Braziel, Lucian, Leela, Oliver, Alta Mae (1887), William, Walter, and Sylvania. He listed his birth as taking place in January 1827, in South Carolina, where both of his parents were born, and that he had been married for forty-six years. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you. This page was created using Microsoft … F. F. Pierce (Sumner County, Tennessee) The children are listed by initials and as follows: Notice the misspelling of the word "born". Julia Ann lived with Henry Miller and his second wife Lawressa at least until she was age 6 in 1860. George W. Pierce, Jr. (Dyer County, Tennessee) Sylvania P.C. Worcester, [Mass.] When the local Indian Agent heard of the small pox death, he went to the Adams' homestead, and burned it to the ground. Pierce (Lawrence County, Tennessee) Cebe, as he was commonly known, married Doris L. Stout on January 24, 1866, in Walker County, Georgia. Her health gave way eighteen years ago and she has suffered very much, yet was just as patient as could be, and as she neared the end of her suffering, she would reach forth her bony hand and grasp the hand of husband and children and say in a faint voice, "meet me in heaven."

The only two appear as: John lived for almost two years after Lydia's death, dying himself on July 20, 1902, in Walker County, Georgia. This is the mother of Lydia Caroline Harvey Pierce. Thomas L. Pierce (Clay County, Arkansas) We can speculate that Mr. Pierce died and that Sabina had heard of the good land in Texas that was much like the landscape in Tennessee, and that it could be free. This child never seen his family again. The Pierce family is one of the ancient Colonial families of the Commonwealth, the forerunners of the name playing a conspicuous part as masters of vessels bringing hither emigrants from England. James died from a small pox epidemic shortly after. Cordie, as she was commonly known, married James William Clark on September 13, 1891, in Walker County, Georgia. There are 58 people in the first four generations of this Hopkins County group. They had four children born in Sugar Loaf before 1891. A neighbor, John Riggs had a small herd of cattle and he too along with young David Elms took two wagons to gather cedar posts following Young.

/* Leaderboard (728 x 90) horizontal 001 */ William A. YOUNG PIERCE JR. – Young Pierce Jr. never saw his father who was murdered by Comanches five months before his son was born. The listed children are "Barry C., Mary, William, Cordelia, Cansadia, John V., and James E.", The next family in the Cedar Grove district was that of James Franklin Adams, husband of Sylvania Pierce, daughter of John Calvin and Lydia Carolina Pierce. Pierce genealogy : being the record of the posterity of Thomas Pierce, an early inhabitant of Charlestown, and afterwards Charlestown village (Woburn), in New England, with wills, inventories, biographical sketches, etc. He then sent the five younger children to a state home in Oklahoma City. on September 26, 2008, There are no reviews yet. //-->,