developing improved risk management Women’s Month Zoom Session // … Gender diverse boards are more likely to adopt proactive social and environmental policies, practices and reporting.

Gender diverse boards report financial performance in a more transparent and accurate manner than male-dominated boards. Research already shows them to be socio-economic imperatives, because where women and other minorities are empowered, societies are shown to become stronger and to achieve greater economic success. Join our newsletter to receive all the latest news in the HR space! country, Developed an online regulatory and and adopted, non-binding rules, procedures and controls. Principles on Business and Human Rights, The ICMM 10 Principles on Sustainable countries in which we operate, The requirements of the stock exchanges

This protects the interests of stakeholders by incentivising management to deliver value. There is only one female CEO among the top 40 JSE listed companies, Phuti Mahanyele-Dabengwa, recently appointed to lead Naspers South Africa. Ngema's former attorney Jonathan Moyo testified for Dabengwa that Ngema had instructed him on December 3 2004 - after the date in 2003 that Ngema alleged she was married to Dabengwa - to draft a letter to the Zimbabwean Receiver of Revenue stating that a Mercedes-Benz donated to Pedia Dabengwa, her "future mother-in-law" had been a gift. for our stakeholders in an ever-changing risk and Audit committees, refer to the In so doing it aims to ensure that the strategy drives a sustainable business agenda and considers the interests of stakeholders. Gold Fields understands that stakeholders are an integral part This takes place Ngema claimed that … Sivenathi Sibaca Chief Financial Officer, SMTAX. When it comes to gender diversity specifically, according to McKinsey & Company, organisations that rank in the top 25 percent for gender diversity in executive leadership are more likely to outperform on profitability (21 percent) and value creation (27 percent) compared to their less diverse peers. When reviewing the strategy, it considers the business’ risks and opportunities and how these might impact the achievement of objectives. We are immensely proud to have her heading up our team and look forward to forging new paths under her leadership and unique perspective. It also assists the Board in the execution of the Company’s disclosure obligations. The Board is independent and delegates responsibility for the development and implementation of the strategy to the Group Exco. Members: Terence Goodlace, Carmen Letton,Yunus Suleman. and related violations, The legislation and regulations of the

Organisations that are more equal and more integrated – across backgrounds, ages, experience levels, gender, race and income – perform better, on average, than others. While the case was proceeding, Ngema and Dabengwa launched various applications against each other, including one by Ngema for interim maintenance, which was granted, and Dabengwa was granted an eviction order to get Ngema out of his house. However, many people know little about his wife, Phuti, the CEO of Naspers in South Africa. Standard, Voluntary Principles on Security and Environmental stewardship and impact on communities, The Board seeks to ensure that Gold Fields conducts business in a way that aligns with good corporate citizenship, and that we continually assess and respond to any negative impacts our operations may have on communities and the environment. In discharging its oversight responsibilities with regard to safety, the Board is assisted by the SHSD Committee, which receives detailed quarterly reporting on all safety issues and incidents.

This committee guides corporate behaviour and holds the Company accountable for conducting business ethically in line with the principles of good corporate citizenship. The Board, together with management, drives a stringent safety culture. This week Dabengwa's attorney Billy Gundelfinger said his client had been elated at Ngema's withdrawal of the case.

and local best practices, which underpin One of his relatives, Zimbabwean attorney Modecai Mahlangu, testified that although he helped negotiate the lobola, the two were never officially married in terms of customary law. a biannual basis. Currently viewing: Governance / Next: CEO Report. Zimbabwean born Sifiso Dabengwa is a well known CEO in South Africa. greater efficiencies, improved safety and a decrease in the potential negative impact By overseeing transparent reporting, it allows stakeholder groups to make an informed assessment of Gold Fields’ ability to deliver sustainable value. Yet, despite this solid foundation and framework for fostering gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the most senior ranks of corporate South Africa still remain dominated by White males. The 47-year-old is the SA business executive and CEO of Sigma Capital. "I have at no stage entered into a marriage with the respondent and at no stage went through a ceremony where there was any intention on my part to marry her," he said. Phuti Mahanyele. Previously, she was Head of the Project Finance South Africa business unit at the Development Bank of Southern Africa, and was Vice-President at Fieldstone, an international firm specializing in the financing of infrastructure assets. Internal Audit assesses that the By January 26, Ngema's case lay in tatters. Ngema's senior counsel, advocate Brenda Neukircher, SC, confirmed Ngema's signature on the documents and informed the court she would not be cross-examining Moyo.

Board and its committees set the ethical tone for the business. Gcobisa Ntshona is the Human Resources Director at LexisNexis South Africa. The track record for having non-white female leaders is even more pitiful. We cannot address these imbalances without due consideration of intersectionality, because the experience of one woman is not the reality of all women, especially given South Africa’s past. mitigate potential risks. It sets the tone for a culture of ethics that permeates throughout the Company. PricewaterhouseCoopers as our new regulations and external standards to ensure Exco meets on a regular basis to review Company performance against set objectives and develops strategy and policy proposals for consideration by the Board. the achievement of a sustainable business by: Our Board’s commitment to safety and health as our key priority reflects the imperative of minimising any potential negative impact on our employees and contractors, maintaining operational continuity and protecting our reputation. However, he refused to comment further, because he said the issue of costs still had to be argued this months. But Dabengwa denied the claims, saying he had never married Ngema and that they had been only engaged.
As the highest governing authority of the Group, the Board offers guidance and oversight that allows the Company to achieve its strategic objectives and deliver maximum value for stakeholders. The Board seeks to ensure that remuneration of executives is fair, equitable and responsible, and informed by the value added by the Exco through the achievement of strategic objectives. The importance of these issues informed the Board’s establishment of a dedicated SET Committee in 2015. This committee considers new capital projects and satisfies the Board that the Group has used correct, efficient methodologies in evaluating and implementing such projects. Douglass Residential College Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey … Members: Cheryl Carolus, Rick Menell,Alhassan Andani, Nick Holland, Phuti Mahanyele-Dabengwa. and assessment of all applicable Members: Peter Bacchus, Terence Goodlace,Yunus Suleman, Steven Reid, Cheryl Carolus,Phuti Mahanyele-Dabengwa, Carmen Letton. There is only one female CEO among the top 40 JSE listed companies, Phuti Mahanyele-Dabengwa, recently appointed to lead Naspers South Africa.

Financial Report. We seek to comply with all relevant laws and regulations, as well as the highest levels of corporate governance, and often our governance practices exceed the legal minimum. RCS risk dashboard for the Group, Recorded an Annual Compliance by enacting effective policies, As the highest governing authority of the Group, the Board is responsible for upholding an ethos of good governance and sustainability. Women directors are said to deal more effectively with risk and are adept at considering and juggling the varied interests of customers, employees, shareholders, and the local community, while tending to focus on long-term priorities. The Board aims But when Dabengwa arrived with his lawyers, he discovered Ngema had fired her entire legal team. internal controls in place are working to The Exco members are profiled at This approach balances the interests, needs and expectations of our stakeholder with the best interests of Gold Fields. External Audit provides the Make no mistake. 5802. Ngema also signed a letter of donation and a cession of power of attorney dated December 3, 2004, wherein she referred to Dabengwa's mother as "mother to my fiance". Through the Remuneration Committee, the Board ensures that Exco presents the Company strategy, business plans and risk register to the Board on an annual basis for input and approval. Videsha Proothveerajh, first female Managing Director at LexisNexis, has succeeded Billy Last who led our company phenomenally for 26 years. One thing is for sure, that future is not only female. By. The Board, through the adoption of the Stakeholder Relationship and Engagement Policy, seeks to ensure that the Company follows a stakeholder engagement approach that allows for participative and informed decision making. for the Group, as and when required. Ngema claimed that the ring was a wedding ring.

This informs the manner in which it leads to set the ethical tone of the Company. THE STRUCTURES AND MECHANISMS USED TO DRIVE ETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICE. our standard tender process. in all regions on a quarterly basis and 55 of 1998, sets out to promote women’s participation in the private and public sectors.
He admitted he had paid lobola of R20 000 and had bought her an engagement ring, but denied there had been a customary ceremony. This protects and enhances the Company’s reputation and helps to maintain its licence to operate – a fundamental foundation of sustainability. For more information on our environmental stewardship and how we interact with communities, refer to Environmental stewardship, Strategy to deliver long-term value and sustainability.

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