I thought the mycelium was not supposed to colonize the casing layer. Posted Tuesday at 11:48 AM, © Shroomology® 2012-2019 All Rights Reserved Thanks for the update. 1199 Powered by Invision Community. I was under the impression that the casing layer was supposed to be non nutritious.

/Border [0 0 0] /A << /Type /Action /S /URI /URI (http://forums.mycotopia.net/glossary.php?do=viewglossary&term=39) endstream Should I wait until after the antibiotics? Your casing helps with this. © Shroomology® 2012-2019 All Rights Reserved. What type of fruiting chamber are you planning on using? Temp is 80, humidity is 93%, two fans blowing In a Martha with modified fae vents all around. [0 0 612 792] /Annots 9 0 R >> So why add the lime and gypsum? xڕSMkQ�3V܄*��t��E�0~,����i�c��AǙ�d����$��U7nD�n@�.�pQ�FQ(�_�~�(t)�����*��ޙ�ν�����u�uM�Y�/ You can also fruit trays in tubs like in my photo, which if dialed in properly need very little if any maitinence, misting if it gets dry. �j�*�9� V{���h�� ,�����~ ���:�\ǭ��³�9��%ͷP�`�H�,T�t���whPH�"E@e� 'ؖ�џo,�����3i93�}D��u�SV�JBw��Crsb�)�"f�^��#�G�1��Ξ A����f�&uV���J����1�vP�R{[�5��w���I��/�zd��k�;�DrE�Y�I{�>%H��!�!k� \e����m�|ӕ�Q����!�U7I�h���kv��rn��jQ�|mװ)J�TSeQ�uwpA}��b�Ә�H�V&�.�9&����|��>�k}����u�ȃIC&�3�H���JNʒ-���֨&_á��ϓ@E��*�����+��Ϯ*�W'4��b�Ao�da*;����$�|�wa��0k�i;� j���LT� Are they just being stubborn? True. I have a fan above it on a cycle timer blowing for 2 minutes every hour. Hoping someone has a good chemistry background or/and some practical experience along these lines. Misting the Mycelium can delay pinset, and misting pins can cause Aborts. Yes, Few grows back i watched a bunch of veils break just standing there watching them. Just to let anyone interested in this know, someone else had a sample of these suspiciously potent "magic mushroom drops" analysed and they were 4-AcO-DMT/psilacetin. %PDF-1.3 ;}Y�b��G%���>߆���g�mY ���"�a���̌/��'(��:ML��q '��-g���Y�˟e�V0qǤ�J�(�N5c�Q�K^�^����o�b��w{q���W�
:t|����04Vj�U��0̸ֿ�����з�a���K�#��kIzE��~�uܞ0�-����9�R쌢�eL���c��V��t����B�����r=M�����Q���qN���`����_��a���X� 1���������/o�fy!��%�)_N����/V���}��������*8'�)����3 ��oծ ��f��-G~�;��$N��mb4G* ����"ء� �*�,�A��/ ��fE�T�္���0�6u�����L�Ie]��.

I've really only eaten cubes so far.

All Activity ... but it does not, because I've been misting mushrooms (many species including pan cyan) through the entire fruiting process for many years, and never have aborts. Peat and verm. General Mushroom Cultivation Questions & Answers, © Shroomology® 2012-2019 All Rights Reserved. yeah you can grow those pf tec if you add manure in the cake..... the woodlover mushrooms are potant has fuck to... try some azurez, If you want to cultivate in large quantities then these "blue meanies" are not the best choice; probably the worst. I'm not even misting it. Almost more so than cubes. What temp do you fruit at? I made a fruiting chamber. For the spawn run temp, around 80-86 deg will provide the fastest growth. 10 0 obj Fruiting Chambers Gloveboxes / Flowhoods Grain Spawn Forums Browse. 2 0 obj

H���B Dont bother selling the potent varieties. Misting the Mycelium can delay pinset, and misting pins can cause Aborts . Transfer to fresh plates. stream

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