It is to me as strong as what hip hop was back in the day, the start of that movement was amazing, and the start of punk, and for people to be able to tell those stories… What’s happening now is just as amazing and will be taught in history for years and years to come. No, I’m joking. [I thought], I probably am a good person to tell this story. But then, playing NAO to people, and them saying “she’s my new favourite artist,” I’m like okay, cool! That’s the one that we can all see, visually, from far, from another country, from space… you can see that this guy has won a Mercury Prize as an independent artist, from an independent label, and an independent album. But now, what I'm saying is something I believe in. But I feel like, of the whole team, I’m sort of the person who is of the younger generation, and not just kind of listens to the music and knows a little bit about it, but also, in a way, I am it. she might just be like ‘ok cool’. It was a bright day in December, and the 28-year-old radio DJ was reflecting on her self-started career. I always find it weird and interesting to see what people think of the UK. I’m younger. You wrote and presented Apple’s documentary on Skepta. Julie Adenuga's show is broadcast live on Beats 1 from Monday to Friday between 1400 and 1600 GMT. Feeling restless in 2010, she persuaded the then-pirate radio station Rinse FM to give her a show with her best friend Sian Anderson, despite neither having DJed before. But sometimes I’m greedy and I would love for them to be able to tell that story. Putting positive energy out into the world. Like I had Frisco in, who’s part of Boy Better Know. I go to his house and whatever song he’s got on repeat, I know I should check out that artist.

She was always creative — she studied dance in school, and sang backing vocals on JME's 2008 album Famous — but didn’t see herself becoming an artist. I didn’t have to go play with my friends, in the house was where the fun was — with Junior, Jamie, Jason, mum, dad.

I know everyone must have said this already… But the Skepta Mercury Prize Award, was at the minute, the highest of all of what is happening in the UK and why people should listen to the music. The result was candid and hilarious: between the latest grime, afrobeats, and electronic music emerging from London, the two would spar and banter as though no one else was listening. My [point of view] has always been, if you’re not 100% happy with how something is going, then you should just create your own — which is what [grime YouTube channel and publication] GRM Daily done with the Rated Awards. [In 2017] I’m gonna try and do my part; I’d love for everyone to do their part, whatever that may be. UK Represent has turned out definitely to be one of my favourite things about the show. But I think my confidence [came] from knowing that I'm confident about what I'm saying. Apple MusicApple Music FestivalApple Music Festival 10beats 1Beats 1 LondonBoy Better KnowJmeJulie AdenugaMercury PrizeRinse FMSkeptaThe Roundhouse. Beyond radio, she’s also dedicated to opening up the music industry to young people from diverse backgrounds, launching the One True Calling mentorship scheme with Sian Anderson in 2016.

On the flip side, do you ever get feel frustrated with being labeled a “grime” presenter/DJ, when you represent so many genres on your show?

But Julie’s daily Beats 1 show feels authentic. Pharrell Williams, here in this very place. As a day one music obsessive with a true understanding of how artists build careers, she knows exactly how to tread the line between amplifying culture and protecting what’s so special about it. “At no stage did I sit down and read a book about [DJing],” she continued. I don’t know why, because I’m a nice person? Sure! I think that they understood that I’m really passionate about music.
What was it like for you growing up with all brothers? Kano is someone I’d never met before and my first interview with him was on Beats 1 but he’s been doing music for years. In saying that, yes, I would say, I’m of a different generation than them.

It's not a weakness to be a nice person. Julie Adenuga (born 15 July 1988 in London, England) is a British radio presenter and was one of the three lead DJs for Beats 1, Apple's 24/7 radio station as part of Apple Music.. I used to learn dance routines to Pharrell produced beats to N*E*R*D beats, when he had his solo career, fronting and stuff… those were actually my tunes. For me, it's the same thing. I like stuff, I like things, I like music…. So yeah, I would say that’s the biggest difference – that I am that person that is a part of the newer era of what music is evolving into right now. But I liked [those customs]. One week prior, the Sidewalk Hustle team travelled to the UK for two incredible performances from The 1975 and Alicia Keys. If you could wave a magic wand and fix something about the U.K. music industry, what would it be? But just being on Beats 1 for the last year and hearing people… I’ll say something like “get wedge” and they’ll be like “what does get wedge mean?” and I’ll be like “oh, it means to get muscles and stuff….”, Just the same with the music, to play music for people for the first time, that I’ve been listening to for ten years, and they’re saying the things that I used to say when I first heard them, it’s interesting to me. Growing up as an English-born Nigerian person, there were just things that my friends at school weren't really going to understand. This is going to sound cheesy. Occasional photographer.

But that might not mean anything to her…. Let me see what I can do to make sure that other people don't get it misconstrued. Listeners around the world learned her name in 2015, when she was chosen by Apple to anchor their new station, alongside seasoned pros Zane Lowe and Ebro Darden.

Cardi B says her wedding song will be an Al B. Also, check out our cover from Apple Music Festival 10 featuring performances by Christine And The Queens, The 1975, Jordan Fisher, and Alicia Keys. I'm a good representation of the fact that grime isn't just a secret club. We had the chance to speak with Julie in studio before Alicia Keys’ performance at the Roundhouse during the festival, about her progress so far with her show over the past year and her take on contributing her UK perspective to the Beats 1 airwaves. “I wouldn’t know how to do it professionally.” It’s this unstudied approach, she said, that helps create the no-bullshit feel of her Beats 1 show — and it’s true that her presenting has a casual, free-form feel that is a rarity elsewhere on mainstream radio.
She spoke while multi-tasking with purpose, eating cheesy pizza with one hand, firing off emails with the other. Shoutout to @Mazd, The tech you need to stay on track this fall for #, Seasons change, but we stay cozy. Is it important to you to make sure that the right people are telling grime’s story?

I [asked] him, “How did that make you feel, as someone who's been so adamant about being independent?” He was like, "It was good, I liked that Kano, Chip, all these people were getting signed and spreading the sound, or spreading our culture, spreading that we exist to other people." The presenter joined Beats 1 five years ago, and immediately made her mark, becoming one of the station's most popular presenters. Like I know how I feel about them, but I get to actually hear what they think and how they feel and almost get to be really nosy and get inside their brain and ask them questions and stuff that I could never imagine being able to ask them. Not even like, they’ve had an album out, like listen to this one song from this person, and I’m like, okay cool, and I’ll ignore it for a bit, and then I’ll hear something else from them again, and again and again. A list of fundraisers you can support right now. But to give that information to someone for the first time, and for people to hear about it, or even talking about the origins of Grime sometimes… Trying to explain what Eskimo dance is… it’s weird that people don’t know what it is, but then actually explaining it and thinking this is a really cool thing – the scene that you love built is really cool.

Early career. The journey of what has been, what the artist has been through. [In interviews] he's so careful with what he says because he's aware that anything he does say can be taken left or right.

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