I love Zhang Yimou’s art direction and his take on action films is amazing. [15] JuJu Chan: Stuff like that, I love creating new characters with my appearance, with the way I talk or small gestures. [10] JuJu Chan: When I’m doing it, I do the complete three, four minutes of fight, I’ll do all the moves myself.

Chan grew up watching Hong Kong kung fu movies with her father. JuJu Chan: Yeah, there are a lot of exciting things coming up too. Gideon steals a body from a woman name Detective Riley, and just as Zan seduces Inspector Boyle and kills him (by stabbing him in the neck with her high heels), Gideon causes a blackout. [9] JuJu Chan: Recently I filmed a TV series, it just came out on Netflix, called Wu Assassins. And every character, I make it really different, too. Zan drives Uncle Six to Alec McCullough's house where she waits aside while Uncle Six goes in to meet Alec. [14] JuJu Chan: I love acting because every project is different. Zan is a recurring character on Netflix's Wu Assassins. "I hope not though, because I want to build my reputation as the action girl, the one who can act and fight on screen and do all her own stunts. [20] JuJu Chan: I would love to work with Ang Lee or Zhang Yimou. Wu Assassins. Obviously, I love all the fight scenes. Kai Jin sees Zan kill Uncle Six over a Face time. So, usually if time permits, I will do two to three hours.

And then Jet Li and Donnie Yen and you know, like doing all these amazing martial arts. Zan face times Kai Jin and Lu Xin Lee, where she has the Triad members record her shooting Uncle Six in the head. [4] Text on screen: How did you get into martial arts? "So I found the role of this tough woman protecting the big boss as very unique.". JuJu Chan. JuJu Chan: [But] then, my parents were like, it’s very dangerous for me to just copy moves and not actually know how to do it.

Zan facing against Jenny Wah for the second time in an underground ring. It would be great to do an action musical.

In Fire Chicken, Uncle Six orders Zan to round up the bald chefs in Chinatown and bring them to Nikki Steakhouse. She says she is hoping to time the pregnancy to not overlap with projects too much, which may include the second season of Wu Assassins if season one proves popular. So, like, Jackie Chan was jumping from building to building, and doing all this kung fu fighting.

Zan distracting Inspector Boyle with a smile. It is hardly a stretch for Chan to portray a tough woman. She is an elite martial artist and lieutenant in the Triads who is the bodyguard and sole confidant to Uncle Six. After that, I also learned tae kwon do. I recently shot a film in Cyprus called Jiu Jitsu with Nicholas Cage, Tony Jaa and Frank Grillo. I would just copy whatever was on TV, like the moves. The Rock, Jackie Chan, Meryl Streep (I don’t know how to fit it into the equation but I love Meryl Streep), Keanu Reeves, Sammo Hung, there are so many more.

I recently shot a film in Cyprus called. Yeah, it’s just brilliant.

In San Francisco, Zan calls a meeting with Uncle Six in the street for a renegotiation: Kai must give McCullough the Earth Wu Xing, and in exchange Jenny, Christine, and Tommy will be freed. An action film with Luke Goss, me, and Michael Pare. When Zan was 13 years old, she joined the Triad in China.

Uncle Six agrees but warns Zan that the Triad are only loyal to her because she is a servant of Alec McCullough.

[8] Text on screen: What’s your favourite fight scene?

Just as Zan is about to kill Christine, Jenny attacks her from the behind, and Jenny and Christine team up to fight against Zan. I just enjoy it a lot. He spent a lot of time with us choreographing it, and I would love to work with him again in other films.

If my morning if really tight, then probably one hour. Text on screen: How do you feel about being called the “female Bruce Lee”? Zan sided with McCullough only to get power, reasoning that with the Wu Xing, Zan could gain control over the Triad. In A Twisting Snake, Zan drives Uncle Six the day after his fight against the Wu Assassin. Uncle Six orders a meeting with Zan at night, and finds the Triad members under Zan's control. "Usually, the top enforcer of the triad boss in movies have traditionally been men," Chan says. She soon worked her way off and became Uncle Six's right hand man. While trying to find the Fire Wu Xing, she is attacked by Christine, but Zan overpowers her.

So for me, being called the female Bruce Lee, I guess it’s a motivation for me to do better. I just enjoy it a lot. Thruough unknown reasons, she was locked in prison, and fled to San Francisco when she was 20 years old. So to me, I want to be better … which … I love challenges. Photo: Jonathan Wong There’s a … Chan has long multitasked on action movie shoots - not only does she do all her own stunts, she often helps choreograph set pieces - but she did even more than usual during the production of Jiu Jitsu. When she goes to the San Francisco police station, she is seen wearing high heels and sun glasses. She leaves Jenny bleeding on the floor while leaving confidently. Wu Assassins Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. IMDb: 6.9 2019 620 views. Before she starred alongside Donnie Yen Ji-dan in the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel Sword of Destiny (2016), and fought Max Zhang Jin in this year's Hong Kong actioner Invincible Dragon , she represented Hong Kong in the 2013 Taekwondo World Championship in Bulgaria, and also competed professionally as a Thai boxer.

That role is Zan, the femme fatale bodyguard of the show's main antagonist, a triad boss played by another Hong Kong-American actor, Byron Mann. She says she has had more auditions and job offers this year than ever before. After Alec McCullough is killed by Kai in The Path, six months later Lu Xin Lee gives Kai a photo of Zan which shows her recruiting new members in Macau. While working under Uncle Six, she soon met Kai Jin, Lu Xin Lee, Tommy Wah, and Jenny Wah. In Paths: Part 2, after seeing Zan kill Uncle Six, Kai Jin trashes his room in anger. "If there are action scenes to be shot (later in my pregnancy) then I guess I will have to use a double," she says with a sigh. Following an education in San Francisco and New York, Chan returned to Hong Kong to pursue an entertainment career in 2009. So for me, being called the female Bruce Lee, I guess it’s a motivation for me to do better. "Besides, I can still act and do action up to the first three months of pregnancy anyway.". So I would just follow and break a lot of stuff at home. I can spend half a day in the gym. And then I got scouted to represent Hong Kong to do Thai boxing. There are also projects that I am producing with my husband. In Paths: Part 1, Kai Jin, Lu Xin Lee, and Uncle Six return from Portland Oregon after killing the recent Earth Wu Warlord James Baxter, where they hear that McCullough has taken Tommy, Jenny, and Christine hostage (how they knew that remains unknown). She is portrayed by JuJu Chan. Jenny finds out and the two fight, but Zan soundly defeats her due to her superior knowledge in martial arts and overwhelming strength. It’s coming out at the end of this year.

She would get so into the movies that she would re-enact the moves at home.

[13] Text on screen: You’ve made a few pivots in your career. Because when I was very young, my father loved watching movies with us at home. The Rock, Jackie Chan, Meryl Streep (I don’t know how to fit it into the equation but I love Meryl Streep), Keanu Reeves, Sammo Hung, there are so many more. I would love to keep collaborating with Stephen and other Hong Kong filmmakers to bring Hong Kong action films to the world again. She kidnaps Kai Jin (who is disguised as a monk name Kun Zi) and leaves when Uncle Six wants to face off against Kun Zi/Kai Jin alone to kill the Wu Assassin. So, all action-based. JuJu Chan: And after judo, I learned karate, and then Chinese kung fu, hung ga, wing chun, and … [taught myself] nunchaku. But she concedes she may have to do something she has avoided doing her whole career: use a stunt double. Although Zan joined the Triad when she was 13 years old, it is unclear if Zan was an orphan, or she had parents who allowed her to join the Triad. Obviously, I love all the fight scenes. The next morning, Zan goes to Alec McCullough and tells him that Kai Jin is the Wu Assassin and he extracted the Fire Wu-Xing from Uncle Six. Zan is a recurring character on Netflix's Wu Assassins. Uncle Six found her and gave her purpose, which caused Zan to have incredible loyalty to him. It is unknown if Zan had a close relationship with the four.

Even if it’s maybe the same type, like an assassin or a strong female. Martial arts actress JuJu Chan, who plays a female bodyguard in upcoming Netflix series Wu Assassins, at Eliment Fitlax in Causeway Bay. The show stars an all-Asian cast headlined by Indonesian actor Iko Uwais of The Raid fame, and includes Hong Kong-born Juju Chan Yuk-wan, whose role was specifically crafted for her. [1] JuJu Chan: Every time when I have this belt system, I’m very competitive. When Jenny Wah noted that Zan would sacrifice for Uncle Six but Uncle Six would not do the same for Zan, that was the tipping point where Zan wanted to make a name for herself. JuJu Chan, Actress: Wu Assassins.

JuJu Chan: I started when I was 10 years old. Text on screen: What can you tell us about your future projects?

Even if it’s maybe the same type, like an assassin or a strong female. And the director let me do more creative stuff, so I had a chance to choreograph my own actions, I’m waiting to see it. JuJu is one of the main characters in the show, and is in 9 out of 10 episodes playing Zan. It would be great to do an action musical. I got selected into the Hong Kong team [and] started to compete for Hong Kong in some international championships. Zan has shown signs of no remorse whenever she defeats her opponents or kills people, she showed no guilt over killing innocent police officers or Uncle Six. Zan soon begins to overwhelm Christine when Jenny stabs Zan in the back with Zan's high heels. To live up to that standard, I know I need to work hard to achieve more, and don’t let … [anyone] who call[s] me that name to be disappointed. I enjoy it so much. Zan wants to deal with Alec McCullough, a rival Scottish Gang leader, and the Wu Assassin herself to please Uncle Six, but Uncle Six tells her to not worry, as Uncle Six will kill the Wu Assassin himself if he has no other choice. with Nicholas Cage, Tony Jaa and Frank Grillo. The way I made it, like the look, say I cut my hair for. The kitchen right is one of my favourites. So right now, I’ve done a lot of action films but I would love to do romcom, comedy – I love comedy – a musical. JuJu Chan: Every time when I have this belt system, I’m very competitive. JuJu Chan: Stuff like that, I love creating new characters with my appearance, with the way I talk or small gestures.

However, she did not back down from a rematch against Jenny in Codladh Samh, even though she beat her once. "I initially met the crew to talk about the role of the police detective," recalls Chan, 30, who split her childhood between Hong Kong and the US.

The closest kung fu school at that time to my home was a judo school, and that’s how I started in judo first. Zan was also very prideful in that she was offended that Uncle Six warned her to not get carried away with her power.

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