We gon' whack you if you tellin', it don't matter if you snitch We one of one therefore I tailor-made the clothes Real bosses put their dawgs on the payroll (payroll, payroll) Quarter milly on the diamond chain, no charm I can't connect the dots Won't connect them to you anymore It was my lack of charm wasn't it Or the guilt I wrap around my neck I'm running out of ways to move on It's my heart that burns of wickedness I stole your youth and ran with it I'm hearing on repeat, the sounds of your beat A cold hard punch in the chest This is the worst, the worst that it gets Chasers, Chasers, Chasers, Chasers, gang. Pack up your bags, mama your lil son is shit (mama) Brand new Glock . Black in a 'Vetty, got IG out, watchin' post Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Yeah, gang. Come up to the moth for a change. [Arjen Lucassen:] We all know but won't connect the dots [Ty Tabor:] We all know [Arjen Lucassen:] We all know, locked away inside us [Ty Tabor, Arjen Lucassen:] We are dying for tomorrow We are living for today [Ty Tabor:] I rushed back home to my family I got my son a brand new game No need to cook, I picked up fast food on the way And it's finger-licking good Got all these diamonds, bitches say I seem possessed Link with the connect and we collect them blocks (that white perico) Yeah, you been misinformed We always styling so my niggas fresh to death When we catch him, headshot, disconnect his top, Let's talk about the trap, let's talk about the streets (What's up) No need for wallets, ball that shit up in my fist And my lifestyle, don't leave your house without your fucking gun

We CMG grizzly, we just sold out the forum You looked up to Jordan we looked up to Meech (Meech) I got the don setted on D's and the lows Told my bro to bring his hit, we gon' hang it on the wall Milly Rockin' in the kitchen, tryna make it form (fuck it up, fuck it up) Versace diners at a Donatella toast Young Thug & M.I.A. Fucking a actress so she gotta play the role / My escapades exceed Caddy Escalades / I best behave to the Lyrics Terms of Use.

Still fly commercial but I don't do TV shows You scared of violence so you gotta cut the check Link with the connect and we collect them blocks (that white perico) You seein' money, what you know, you see the most with a ladder in that bitch (okay) I got pocket seats, them bitches orange, nigga (Hermes) And darling if it's all the same to you. Get out the projects, that's the first one on the list (mama) Join the Dots Lyrics: 2na Manuva get gettin the got / Good god ah, yes man, its auspicious man / Oh God (good night)..... / Who's that? - "FRANCHISE" - LYRICS, 18 Non-Traditional Yet Perfect Wedding Songs, HOT SONG: Tory Lanez - "Most High" - LYRICS. White come straight from cross the border, you can never overcook it And the bows on the shoes you kicked off. Homie said that he a blood, we gon' paint that shit on dog Bending through that Bentley truck, they couldn't miss me Connect the dots Last.fm Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. Ayy. Think you can disrespect the king and hate don't come with harm Chasers, Chasers, Chasers, Chasers, gang While the rain's trying to prove a point outside. My religion get this money, Christian or Islam All my shooters trained to go, they've been waitin' on my call Yeah, bitch I'm talking fifty Bought his baby mama a Patek, now that nigga wanna kill me (oh man) Connect the dots Every time you see me out, I got it with me (Know I got it) Renzel records, with your Tina Turner contracts They've been waitin' on that ring to pull that thing and chop it off If your feet hurt from walking too much, then I will tend to them, with a velvet touch. If your lungs just don't want to work today, then I'll perform a mouth to mouth until you're okay. We impeaching niggas, then we hit them with the bliff From the smoke in your hair to the blood in the bruise. with a ladder in that bitch (okay) deep so it don't matter who you get (no way) All my niggas hittin', it don't matter who you with (okay) "Connect The Dots". deep so it don't matter who you get (no way)

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