The pair sent sound-measurement devices into "tilt" mode between Daniels' hyper drumming and a combination electric bass and guitar that Lucas had invented. I saw the video from the first night, and you broke two sticks right from the start during “Bound for the Floor” [see the video below at 3:26 and 4:17]. Coming from a guy about to go on a tour playing a 20 year old record, I’m not really into nostalgia. Lucas: Not really, but I guess in a way, yeah. Daniels: Yeah, I guess it looked natural because it’s still inherent in me how to recover myself. Local H lead singer Scott Lucas is suing the group’s former drummer Joe Daniels for trademark infringement, false advertising, cybersquatting, … So to me, the idea of playing with Joe was just a way to let people who hadn’t gotten the chance to see him play before see him play.
The thing was, when these ideas were sort of brought up, we were on tour for Hey Killer, and I really love that record and I love playing with Ryan.

Lucas: This whole thing is just a one step at a time type thing, let it breathe and let it be it’s own thing.

The fourth song in, I break my brand new kick pedal. Daniels: No, and it’s hard – and it’s hard right now. Forget musically, but on a personal level how did you end up reconnecting? Daniels did not respond to Billboard's request for comment at time of publishing.

Back then we were getting played just as much as No Doubt, Bush, STP; over Christmas of ’96 we were the most played and we sold the most records in that week, and these bands sold 10 million or more records. I get it. I think there’s something…therapeutic isn’t the right word, but there really is something where you’re like, “Oh man, these are my issues, and they’ve been my issues my whole life and they’re gonna be my issues the rest of my life.” There’s something really interesting to see what you laid out over the last 20 years of your life – and that’s a really odd thing.
Once we connected and started preparing for these shows, he gave me a CD of Hey Killer, and I listened to that in my car and I actually like it.

So how does it go from that first meeting to playing together again? Daniels split the group the following year while Lucas forged ahead with a string of critically acclaimed releases first with Brian St. Clair and more recently Ryan Harding in the drum seat, the latter for last year’s well-received Hey Killer. Lucas: The first person that I brought the whole idea up to was Ryan.

I can honestly say I have no future plans to be in a band again, let along Local H to be making albums, to be touring…no plans as of right now. In the middle would be As Good As Dead and the opening set would be me and Ryan and at the end would be two drums and it was, “This could be a really great show.” It was just a matter of making sure everybody was on board with it. Scott Lucas: We got wind that a label was talking to Universal about licensing [As Good As Dead] and putting it out – and we had no idea. I’m like, “Are you fucking kidding me?” And I threw it out to the crowd [laughs], and I guess I wasn’t thinking because they were fighting over it. Lucas: If you set aside egos and all that bullshit, it’s just a really good show [laughs]. So I wasn’t ever going to do something that was gonna jeopardize or get in the way of that. And I love Ryan – Ryan’s great. But you recovered instantly and it looked completely bad ass. Obviously Ryan is in the band too so that’s a bit of a wrench; how did that play out? Were you familiar with the music Scott has been doing as Local H since you parted ways?

There’s excitement, but they’re standoff-ish with me because they don’t know where I’m at. The show, which comes to Brighton Music Hall tomorrow night, will see As Good As Dead played in its entirety, a set with Lucas and Harding and and encore featuring both drummers. Were you surprised at the reaction to the news the two of you would be reuniting? I’m looking forward to going on tour and getting a real feel for what it feels like. Once that happened, then the idea was floated about doing a show where we’d play the record. Finally we got into a rehearsal space and played after 16 years of not playing together and it was just kind of normal. The whole thing is kind of like…a lot. Click here for a comprehensive voting resource guide. I think everyone can see that. AN EVENING WITH LOCAL H :: Thursday, May 5 at Brighton Music Hall, 158 Brighton Ave. in Allston, MA : 8 p.m., all ages $20 : Advance tickets. Images of the posters included with the suit show that all three feature the Local H band name along with images of Lucas and Daniels side-by-side.

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