I Get Up - Verse 2 13. Lights Please - Verse 2. 20. 7. – #16-#20 Cost Me A Lot - Verse 2 The Autograph - Verse 1 Mon. 15. Wed. – #11-#15 25. 1. 12. 19.

3 Wishes

Who’s hyped? Tears for ODB - Verse 1 2. 17. Return of Simba – #21-#25 Lost Ones - Verse 2
Beautiful Bliss Runaway - Verse 3

Rise and Shine - Verse 3 – #6-#10 2Face - Verse 3 Beautiful Bliss / 22. 24. Rich Niggas - Verse 2 96 Fuckries Lyrics: Oh please, I couldn't care 'bout your T's & Cs / I'm J to the M to the E, I make G-R-I-M to the E / I make you bop your head to the beat / From the S-W to the N to the E / Bare M Can I Live - Verse 2 10.

Lil Ghetto Nigga - Verse 2 Let Nas Down - Verse 3 23. Thurs. 16. 22. 18. 9.

Revenge of the Dreamers - Verse 2 / 24. These are the results. 3 Wishes / 19.

11. Tue. 3.


Revenge of the Dreamers - Verse 2 Rich Niggas - Verse 2 / 20. Looking for Trouble

6. Fri. – Top 5. J. Cole's Top 25 Verses Lyrics: 25.

The Come Up

Anyone that's dissed my mum, yeah Suck your dead great gran through your dad's batty crease rudeboy It's time to up the levels again A new MCs born every weekend If … 8. Enchanted - Verse 3 Farewell - Verse 2 Feel free to make personal annotations on this page and tell us what you think. 4. Each day at around 7pm EST we’ll be releasing the next five in the countdown. I know I am. 14. Breakdown - Verse 1 / 21. Breakdown - Verse 1 Dead Presidents II - Verse 1

In honor of J. Cole’s new album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, we decided to do a countdown of his top 25 verses, polling RG to help us determine them and the order. The Badness
5. Heartache - Verse 2

Runaway - Verse 3 / 23. 96 Bars of Revenge This song is by JME and appears on the compilation album History: (2011).

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