Alright alright I’m back I just put a plugged the tuner chip back in and we’re gonna hit this thing man. They all go with the car well that’s only a hint. STEP 2 Plug the chip into the OBD2 port. So I stay tuned and I’ll talk to you guys later thanks again. High torque also translates to a smoother drive because the engine power is not affected despite changes in the transmission. The indicated performance gains and fuel efficiency gains are target values. STEP 1 Find the OBD2 port typically under the dashboard on the driver’s side. And we are going to start the car here and over a period of time I’ll let you guys know if I feel any difference to the car.

Now this might be just me getting excited but…. Those who don’t know  novices like me again those who do know you’re probably laughing right now but that’s okay I’m a novice I don’t know what the hell I’m doing I’m just learning as I go. Your dash gauges will turn on. They all affect programming (Map) therefore dial settings. But the 0 to 60 and 0 to 100 you saw the speed on there you saw me take this tuner chip out and put it back in and you saw the speed. That’s my I was afraid of okay he gone all right I’m just trying to have 0 to 100 right here. I’m going to stop right here here go ahead turn on the hazards I’m fine I’m going to I’m going to put the Powertune back in. Don’t start the car press the restart button on the module for five seconds do not release the button wait about one minute start the engine and continue driving normally. Dial 2 (Rpm): it determines when the chip tuning programs end (for example: When sensor voltages reach 1.2v to 5v, depending on settings, it will not add any more power. A: Power Tune is compatible with all 1996 and up gasoline vehicles. He installed the engine tuning module on his Dodge Challenger and decided to do a 0-60 mph and 0-100 mph test. I saw alright lets go and put it in right real quick just right there this is like a failed attempt. 0 to 100 on this thin stretch of road. I’m not even supposed to be at school now I don’t go to school or just just to drive up here you know people sure do park crazy man but get out of this then I’m gonna go ahead stop it here and then I’m gonna do a run looking at so you see how how I  accelerate stuff like that. I hope y’all enjoyed this video though man because you know I surely did I had fun, as you all can tell like my friend Jordan in the backseat recorded for me he like the car was gone he was almost gone  he didn’t even have on his seatbelt. Over the next couple days I’ll be making videos if I notice any differences, things like that. But I just wanted to show you guys how to install it. This is a pretty quick sum up to video video thing hope you liked this video let me turn this camera around so you can see me. All right now we’re going to turn around real quick right here I’ll put on a loopback around. Am I regretting it? It’s Jordan and I’m back with another tuner update, as you can see I’m just getting off from work and I’m in my beautiful Challenger. I like going fast. So this is my project vehicle right here but before I begin as you can see I did a little bit of mods to it install these spec d tuning LED strip projectors found a new fin in front of it carbon fiber vinyl that’s actually vinyl right here carbon fiber look to it. Locate the OBD port in the vehicle with the vehicle shut off. All right you  see the time 14 seconds well 14 I don’t know it’s more of a well 15 to get from zero to 60. Power Tune Performance Engine Tuning Module. So I have to say I’m very excited that I have this little thing in here and I have to say it definitely worth the buy so if you’re thinking about it. So 1 2 3 4 5 all right. The car was dynoed before the chip install and after, so I know for a fact the chip did indeed help.

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