Free thesaurus definition of to fasten or join one thing to another from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education. What does hold together expression mean? To stick, or to stick something to something, The process of joining or fastening things. Synonyms & Antonyms of hold back an instance or period of being prevented from going about one's business, something that makes movement or progress difficult, to create difficulty for the work or activity of, to refrain from openly showing or uttering. array verb. This is something Christians tend to forget. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. When you see them, you will observe how he endeavours to hold me to this correspondence. GAMES; BROWSE THESAURUS; WORD OF THE DAY; WORDS AT PLAY. to fix one thing to another using something such as string or nails so that it is held firmly in position, to fasten something somewhere so that it cannot move, to fasten one thing to another using a small object, to use something such as string to fasten several things together, formal to hold something firmly in place by tying or fastening it, to fasten something, or to hold it in place using pins, to fasten one thing to another using screws, formal to fasten something to something else, to tightly tie a large quantity of something such as paper, cotton fibres, or hay in order to store or send it somewhere, to fasten the pages of a book together and put a cover on it, to fasten two things together using a bolt, to fix something in place or support something using wooden, metal, or plastic brackets, to put things into groups and wrap or tie them together, to put or hold something firmly in position, to hold two things together using a clamp, to be fastened to something using a small object, to be pressed, or to press something, into position so that it makes a quick loud sound, very formal to join together, or to make things join together, formal forming or relating to a connection or combination, to join several things or places together, if one vehicle or part of a machine is coupled to another, they are joined so that they work together, to connect one thing very closely with another, to become fixed to an object or surface and held firmly in position, if you fit things together, you join them in the right way to make something, if two substances fuse, or if you fuse them, they become joined to form one thing, to add something and make it become a part of another thing, to fasten something such as a trailer to the back of a car, to fasten a horse to something such as a post or wagon, to fix or hang something to something else, or to be fastened to something else, especially by a hook or by a similar part, to connect two things to or with each other, or to be connected to or with each other, to connect different things with each other, or to be connected with each other, to join things together by means of parts that fit into other parts, or to be joined together in this way, to closely connect or mix different things together, or to be closely connected or mixed together, to make two rooms or buildings into one room or building by removing a wall that separates them, to tie something firmly to something else, or to tie two things together firmly using a rope, to connect things together so that they stay attached, to make a connection between two or more things, to connect one thing or person to another, to lock or fix something firmly in a particular position, to fix something somewhere so that it cannot move, to fix something firmly in a particular place or position, to fix a picture, photograph etc onto a piece of stiff paper, to fix one thing to another with a nail or nails, to fix something firmly in position with a nail or nails, to fix something to a wall with a nail or nails, to fasten something or keep something in position with pegs, to fix a picture or notice onto an upright structure such as a wall, to tie people or things together with a piece of rope, to fit together exactly, or to fit things together exactly, to join two metal surfaces together using solder, to fasten pieces of paper together with a staple, to fix one thing to another, especially using a sticky substance such as glue, to hold or keep someone or something in position by tying a strap around them, to pass a string through several things in order to make a chain, to fix a small label to something such as clothing or a page or document, to fix something somewhere with a small nail, to pin something such as a piece of paper on a wall or board etc, to fix a small piece of paper or other material to something to give information about it, to tie an animal or object to something so that it will stay in a particular area, to connect objects by putting a thread through them, to fasten something in a particular place using something such as rope, to join two pieces of metal by heating them and pressing them together, or to become joined by this process, if people, animals, or things are yoked, or are yoked together, they are connected or joined.

Synonyms for holding together include binding, securing, hitching, joining, uniting, clamping, connecting, coupling, tethering and tying. a type of strong string that is made from an animal’s intestines. 'Frankenstein' and 'Frankenfood': Creator or Creation? We get so used to seeing things through the secular eyes of the media, and other propaganda forces around us, that we forget that behind the events that fill the pages of our newspapers is a mighty controlling hand that brings them all together, permitting some things to happen, restraining other things. He uses his powerful word to hold all things together. That is an amazing statement. I have known Harriet for many years, and I hold her in my high esteem. The Bible tells us a mighty hand is shaping the destiny of nations and of individuals. To stick, or to stick something to something, The process of joining or fastening things. For permission to use this content, please review The Son is the gleaming brightness of God's glory. … a type of very thick string that can be used for tying or pulling things, a series of metal rings connected to each other, used for fastening, pulling, or lifting things, thin rope, usually made of twisted fibres and used for tying things together, a long thin band of cloth or plastic used for fastening things together or for marking the edges of an area, a thin circle of rubber used for holding things together, a small object that holds something in position, an object used for fastening things together, a type of strong string made by twisting several pieces of string together, chains or ropes tied around someone so that they are not free to move, an object used for joining two things together, British a circle of elastic that you put around several things to hold them together, a piece of cloth tied over someone’s mouth to stop them from speaking or making a noise, a type of strong string that is made from an animal’s intestines, a rope or wire that keeps a tent fixed in position on the ground, a thin piece of leather or rope fastened around a horse’s head and used for leading the horse, a set of strong bands of leather, cloth, or rope used for fastening someone in a particular place or position or for fastening something to their body, something that is designed to hold or support another object, the ropes used to tie one thing to another or two things together, a rope that you throw to someone who has fallen into water by accident, formal a piece of rope or string that you tie around something, a piece of string, rope, or wire used for a particular purpose, a long rope that you tie to a horse that is being trained, something to which an object is fixed in order to keep it in place, a rope fixed to the front of a boat and used for tying it to something such as a post, a strong belt or rope used for preventing people from falling when they are working in a high place, a rope or chain used for tying an animal to something so that it will stay in a particular area, a long narrow piece of leather used for tying things, a short piece of string or wire used for fastening something.

I know that these events that capture our attention today are likewise going to seem faded and trivial soon. Definition of hold together in the Idioms Dictionary. Synonyms for hold together include bind, secure, hitch, join, unite, clamp, connect, couple, tether and tie. It is put in the present tense, saying that he is the One who is keeping things going right now. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

to add something to the beginning of something else, especially a computer instruction or piece of data, to arrange things in groups or in a particular order, for example by date, importance, size, or colour, to put things in a neat, attractive, or useful order, to put a large number of things on top of each other, to spread something out, or to arrange things so you can see them easily, to put things into a sensible order or into a system in which all parts work well together, to arrange things in a particular place or position, formal to arrange information that you have collected in a sensible order, to arrange something in a layer or layers, to put something with another thing or group of things, to organize things so that they form a straight line or are in the correct position in relation to other things, to place or arrange something in a particular way, to put things such as flowers into a bunch, to put sheets of paper into the correct order before they are made into a document or book, formal the process of putting pages into the correct order, to put a document into a container with other documents, formal to place things together or describe things together so that people can see how they are different, to form a row, or to put people or things in a row, to move something into the correct position in relation to something else, especially so that it is level with it, to put one thing on top of another, so that they both show, the act of making two people do something together or of putting two things together, to form a pair, or to make two people form a pair, to add something before or in front of something else, formal to arrange objects tidily in lines, to change the position of something, especially in relation to the position of something else, to arrange people or things in a different order or in different positions, to change the way that things are organized, to put two things together, especially with a layer of something in between, the process of arranging things in a particular order, to put things into groups according to their size, to arrange objects, events, activities etc so that they are a particular time or distance apart, to arrange things so that they are placed one on top of another, to fill a machine or space by putting things in it on top of each other, to put things so that they are standing one beside another, to arrange objects so that they are not at the same height or are not in a straight line, to arrange a group of things into a series, to add something such as a feature or idea from one system or situation to another, formal to change the order or position of something. Yet they are not without meaning. Find more similar words at! All rights reserved.

They do not know what to call it, and they do not know how to identify it.

What Is The Difference Between “It’s” And “Its”? to put something with another thing or group of things. hold together phrase. Here Be Dragons: A Creature Identification Quiz. Daily Devotion © 2014 by Ray Stedman Ministries.

to tightly tie a large quantity of something such as paper, cotton fibres, or hay in order to store or send it somewhere. bale verb . Find more ways to say hold, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

3 The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. (Entry 2 of 2). Find another word for holdback. put off-6.7%. believe the goodness, realness of something.

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