While not an easy question to ask, it’s so important to be able to answer this question before moving forward in a relationship! If you truly love the person you are with, you should have no problem rattling off a litany of their characteristics and behaviors that you find endearing and make your partner special to you.".

You don't have to be in a relationship; you don't even have to have had sex with the person. ", If your boyfriend seems perfect, but you don't love him, it can be emotionally confusing.

Pay attention to your thoughts about this ‘perfect’ man. If this is happening in your relationship, you may feel uncomfortable or isolated, so you need to let him know how you feel about his actions (if you feel safe doing so).

– 10 Experts Reveal Exactly How To Find Out the Truth, My Ex is Dating Someone Else Already and It Hurts – 5 Relationship Experts Share Exactly What To Do, Why Do I Always Fall For Taken Guys? Educated? Perhaps you want to get to know someone first? So, how can you tell if the love you're feeling is the real deal? Sometimes we can sabotage ourselves if our early life relationships or role models were unhealthy and we are unconsciously drawn to people who are similar to them. Read our. Is he perfect for YOU, or does he just look perfect on paper?

So I go forward, say sorry to him and made one step closer to the person I love. However, over time, outside sources (society, culture, friends, etc.) There’s really no explanation to it. What you wanted in your mid-20s might be different than what you want in your early 30s, and this can create conflict in a relationship.

You will eventually have more clarity about whether you can love this person. Susan Tschudi, MA, LMFT – www.therapybysusan.com.

Your boyfriend can be amazingly caring and thoughtful, but at the same time, he can be. This behavior is extremely unhealthy in any relationship. – 3 Relationship Experts Reveal the Exact Reasons and What To Do About it, Why am I Attracted To Bad Boys? Does your mother think he’s the perfect guy for you, but you don’t see it? While it's normal and healthy to have a full life — that is, school or a career, friends, hobbies, and more on top of your relationship — it's also pretty typical to miss a beloved SO when you're apart.

According to Chlipala, this dynamic often occurs among people who are lonely. At one point, I decided to try Betterhelp.com. In any case, once you have drafted your list, make sure it fits YOU. Patterns can be changed if we work on them. Trust Your Instinct. Anita Gadhia-Smith, PsyD, LCSW-C, LICSW – www.drgadhiasmith.com. It's normal to wish they'd stop biting their nails or watching that one dumb TV series you can't stand. The key is understanding men on a deep emotional level, and how the subtle things you say to a man affect him much more than you might think.

I knew -deep down- that I didn’t love him. Or perhaps your thoughts tell you that you aren’t worthy of someone whom you consider perfect.

So, why don't I love him? Or does his perfection reflect in his character?

Another reason that you may not be attracted to someone that you think is exactly what you want is if you have an addiction to unhealthy relationships. At one point, I decided to try Betterhelp.com. Time alone can oftentimes provide clarity. Perhaps you wanted to travel the world and focus on your career, but your boyfriend wanted to get married, settle down, and start a family. by Anita Gadhia-Smith – PsyD, LCSW-C, LICSW, Erica Wollerman – PsyD, Susan Tschudi – MA, LMFT, Sarah Vendegna – MS, LPC, Jennifer Meyer – M.A., LPC, NCC, “It is necessary, and even vital, to set standards for your life and the people you allow in it.”. Using emotions (or lack thereof) as a radar system is very important in relationships. Chlipala confirms, "There are some parts of one’s personality that will be different than yours and you can still have a healthy relationship.". Perhaps it is that your partner offers a lot of stability but you are craving excitement and adventure.

It's okay to part ways, so you can look for someone else who shares your values. But unfortunately, Sarah’s not feeling it.

It was a huge help for me at that point, which led to the decisions I am happy about. If you are in a crisis or any other person may be in danger - don't use this site. convince us there’s a “perfect” type.

There are many valid reasons why you might feel this way. You may not, except with express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content. Copyright © 2020 DeepSoulfulLove. I Have a Hard Time Trusting in a Relationship – What Should I Do? Sometimes, love is a decision. He was practical with finances, and wanted children.

Brewer helped me to, see some things I couldn't on my own and encouraged me to prioritize myself. Research shows that online therapy is a powerful tool in strengthening couples. Some quirks can be accepted and overcome, but others are too much to handle. However, it’s time to get really honest with yourself. So Why Aren't You Madly In Love With Him? If you're starting to lose sight of your long-held views, Chlipala suggests exploring why you think this happening. When you're with someone whose mannerisms and habits don't irritate you or are worth tolerating, you know you're with the right person. But this type doesn’t fit everyone’s interest. The best course of action depends on your unique situation. You should not take any action or avoid taking any action without consulting with a qualified mental health professional. We can never predict when those warm and fuzzy feelings we associate with love will occur in a relationship. What qualifies as perfect to you?

... whisked off my feet and every other romantic cliché in the book. And since we don’t have control over our feelings, it’s not our fault. We often anticipate that love will look a certain way in our lives and while understandable, we often have notions that are just not true or realistic to expect. Or is he the perfect guy for your best friend but just isn’t compatible with you? Also, love feels and looks different for everyone so what might look and feel like love to you, might not to someone else. – 6 Must-Know Insightful Tips on How Long You Should Be Together Before Getting Engaged, How To Slow Things Down in a Relationship – 5 Experts Reveal Their Best Tips + Insights, How To Deal With an Emotionally Unavailable Man – 3 Experts Show Exactly How To Find Out, How To Tell Him How You Really Feel – 3 Experts Reveal Their Best Tips + Insights, Am I Settling Or Being Realistic? Feeling a pull towards someone is not some thing that you can will to happen.

Is he handsome?

Read on to learn more about why you might feel this way. Maybe you find yourself agreeing with political beliefs you never thought would appeal to you, just because your SO is so convincing. Then, he may justify his actions by saying that he's really scared of losing you. If your boyfriend truly is the best and you just don't love him, then he may not be the right man for you, and that's okay. We all have types and the only way to know what our type is is to meet people and date. He is my perfect guy. Have you had a checklist of qualities that you believe you wanted? But these feelings are not always reciprocated. Take your time and assess the situation. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system. Remember that real love takes time to develop, and it might even be healthy if you’re not feeling a lot of intense passion right away. If you can't find a compromise that makes both of you happy, the two of you might not be a good fit. If you have met someone that you think is perfect, but you don’t feel a love connection to him, ask yourself why this may be happening. Perfect what he feels for you, you should end the relationship. It is very important to learn to trust our intuition and inner feelings. Your boyfriend is the best. However, keep in mind that everyone has their quirks. Just because you don’t feel like you love the person you’re with does not mean it’s time to sound the alarm and panic. Perhaps you don’t feel loved in the way you would like and feel less emotionally close to your partner than you would like but you think they would be a good father or partner.

Talking it through can be useful, and BetterHelp can help. For example, a must-have list might include traits such as intelligence, kindness, and a sense of humor, and the dealbreakers may include smoking cigarettes and a tendency to demean you around his friends. The birds don't sing, the sky doesn't shine a special kind of blue, and … If you want to trigger strong feelings of attraction and adoration in your man, you have to know how to get on the same frequency with him. Why Men Pull Away and What You Can Do About it, How To Handle Conflict in Relationships – 2 Relationship Experts Reveal Their Best Tips + Insights, Things To Consider Before Getting Married – A Relationship Expert Reveals Her Best Tips + Insights, I Always Worry My Boyfriend Will Leave Me – 3 Relationship Experts Reveal Their Best Tips + Insights, Should I Get Back With My Ex? In these cases, you might focus on a person's highlights and dismiss or gloss over any potential problems. He has everything I can dreamed of plus a bonus that he loves me terribly! If they make a rude comment, you overlook it. Does he make a lot of money? Does more wealth or a great job signify superiority? If you have met someone that you think is perfect, but you don’t feel a love connection to him, ask yourself why this may be happening. If you are dating a man who seems to have it all—for example, he’s thoughtful, handsome, nice to you, good family, good job, etc.—but you can’t seem to figure out why you don’t have stronger feelings toward him, ask yourself a few important questions: Sometimes, we end up dating a guy who seems great to everyone else, but we just do NOT feel the chemistry—and that’s okay. My counselor Dr. Are his perfect qualities ones you feel you lack? Having a mental checklist of people who are good on paper does not necessarily translate into good chemistry in a live relationship. There are a few reasons people stay with partners they don't truly love.

What you think directly affects how you feel—and your feelings impact your behaviors. This means that if you give it some time and realize that you are not capable of feeling for Mr.

She hates that fact and asks herself why. Additional reporting by Hannah Orenstein. It may seem silly to end a relationship over little pet-peeves, but these things can lead to resentment over time, effectively ending your relationship. Sometimes we feel we “should” love someone but don’t actually feel the feelings of love we might expect. Unfortunately, there's no simple way to test if the emotions you feel for someone are true love or just strong feelings of comfort, contentment, or acceptance. "A common fear is of never finding anyone and being alone forever, so people choose comfort and familiarity over taking the risk to find a good fit," she notes.

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