Its main purposes are to identify forgeries, and to compare a suspect's handwriting with a ransom note or other piece of evidence. Using the Working Papers is a simple method to evaluate individual traits found in your handwriting. I have outlined each of them below. Straight like an arrow – It is a sign of balance and control. Happy: 30 Comedians Who Had Major Depression, Narcissist vs. Sociopath: The Difference Explained, TEST: Are you a Doer or a Thinker? If the bar on the ‘t’ is high then the person has good self-esteem and optimistic and these people have distinct goals and alternatively the ‘t’ bar which is low tells that the person underestimates their own ability, someone who does not believe in themselves and a person with low self-esteem. If the slop of the writing goes up then the person is optimistic and has a positive attitude and alternatively, if the slope goes down it’s a sign of feeling down and depressed at that movement. If a person signs with just his initials or nicknames or even just the first name, this is a sign of independent streak and efficiency. A normal person will not focus on such things graphologists surely will. How a person places a dot in ‘i’ and ‘t’ bars. This can indicate the speed of the writing. Your email address will not be published. Graphology is the analysis of the physical characteristics of a person’s handwriting or signature and determines their personality characteristics, character, or state of the person’s mind at the time of writing. How to Be a Successful And Happy Stay at Home Mom, Graphology is used for a variety of purposes, What Is Strategic Leadership And How to Be a Strategic Leader, How to Take Time for Yourself and Restore Your Energy, What Am I Doing With My Life?

The science of signature is a little bit iffy. According to graphologists worldwide, there is very little you can’t tell from a person’s handwriting. From physiological conditions like high blood pressure and schizophrenia to personality traits like dominance and aggression: if you can write by hand, graphologists can analyze you. If a person has a tiny signature then the person needs to pump themselves a little to claim their place. Action-taking vs. Planning. All Rights Reserved. Screening employees in job interviews; corporate companies are increasingly supplementing traditional interviews with handwriting analysis to ensure they employ the correct person. Active Listening vs Passive Listening: Is One Better Than the Other? A Guide to Living With Meaning, How to Stop Being a Perfectionist (Step-by-Step Guide), 8 Things to Remember When You’re Saying “I Can’t Do It”. Illegible signatures tend to single quick mind and also tend to mean you are not bogged down by the details and feel their action speaks for themselves so their signatures have to. If a person tends to write with a combination of print and cursive, the person values flexibility and usually in a hurry but if a person writes too much in block letters then the person might have intimacy issues. If the writing slants to the left then the person is reserved and likes to keep it to themselves.

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