The option to provide evidence where this is not scored or mandatory has been removed. (for reporting purposes only), Describe the grievances received during the reporting period, Number of grievances communicated: ____________, Summary of resolutions for grievances: ____________. Evidence of implementation of the Management System into the entity’s operations. A target (or the future-year target from which it is derived) must be formally adopted. Does the lender perform a comprehensive borrower/sponsor assessment during the underwriting process? Management & Policy is defined as 'internal processes evidenced by sustainability policies and management procedures adopted by the company, fund or lending unit and connected to one or more actions.' Ideally, the landing page should contain all the information needed to validate the answer. For example, a network of water pipelines and pumping stations might be grouped into a single sewerage pipeline network.
It derives emission factors from contractual instruments (definition based on the GHG protocol). During manual validation, the following data are checked for their content: Indicator-specific validation requirements can be found after each indicator’s description, under the header “Validation”. Note that identical documents will not be accepted for more than one disclosure type, select the most appropriate disclosure type for each piece of evidence (e.g. 30% is awarded for both LTIFR and TRIFR, respectively.

Note that these are only illustrative and that other scenarios are possible. Indicator: This indicator is for reporting the guidance document used for commercial real estate lending that includes sustainability aspects and practical cases when this guidance document is used/applied. Includes forecourt gasoline blended with biofuels. Shareholder rights: Assessing the potential risk of breaking or working against the entity’s contractual shareholder rights. As a result, the 2020 development process was focused on making structural changes to the Assessments rather than making extensive content changes. A provider of water and wastewater services in a single network; A telecommunications company with a single telecommunications network (e.g. Section on which stakeholder(s) the policy applied to has been removed. Each of the six Aspects have specific weights and number of points associated. renewable energy generation, power plants), Electricity distribution and transmission, Network management (e.g. Other renewable power generation companies using various physical phenomena or alternative renewable fuels (other than the wind, sun, or hydro) to generate electricity. Other products and services (e.g. Non-renewable energy: Energy sources that cannot be replenished in a short time through natural cycles or processes. Long term commitment is for reporting purposes only and is not used in scoring. Waste treatment services include the collection and disposal of waste refuse from residential, commercial, or industrial sources. Specifically addresses each Environmental issue selected. The time and resources allocated to completing the Survey differ across respondents depend a lot on the structures and processes that each entity has in place and there is no clear recipe to competing the survey. Specifically addresses each Social issue selected.

This template allows for easier identification of relevant information for each sub‑option selected within an indicator. For 2020, scoring will be based on whether a target was set, not on whether the entity is on track to achieve the target. Fraud: Wrongful deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. Scoring of Metrics: Output is reported in OI1 and is specific to the entity’s primary sector as reported in RC3 (Sector & geography). Penalty: A punishment imposed for breaking a law, rule, or contract. 'Other’ answers: Some indicators offer the opportunity to provide an alternative answer option (‘Other’). Indicator: This indicator is for communicating lender program(s) for funding property improvements that result in improved building efficiencies and/or positive environmental impacts. Review the response and/or evidence carefully.
Formal environmental issue-specific commitments (multiple answers possible), WorldGBC’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment, Task force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures, Formal social issue-specific commitments (multiple answers possible), World Business Council for Sustainable Development's Call to Action, Formal governance issue-specific commitments (multiple answers possible). Impact of change: Greater clarity for reporting. Water inflows/withdrawals - What is the scale of the entity's water use/withdrawal and water stress in the location? In some cases, Fund Manager LLC may also provide relevant information for the Assessment. Rationale for change: This better reflects the details of the calculation (the calculation itself does not change). Recordable injury: Any injury, arising in the course of work, that is a Lost Time Injury or that has required medical treatment beyond first aid or that have led to cancer, chronic disease, fractured bones or punctured eardrums.

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