Indeed, its foundation stones were still visible in the early twentieth century. This was probably part of the words HIC IACET, meaning “HERE LIES”. Known as “The Woman Who Was King,” the Egyptian economy flourished during her time as pharaoh. Graham Phillips has been researching the life of King Arthur for many years. In 1976, after a chance meeting with historical researcher, Anthony Thomas 'Baram' Blackett, at the public library in Newcastle upon Tyne, the two men decided to put up many thousands of pounds of their own money to fund full-time research into the origins of King Arthur. In his latest book The Lost Tomb of King Arthur , he suggests that the most probable location of the tomb is outside the village in the old fort, dubbed ''The Berth'' or at the site of the former chapel. It is hoped that the investigations may shed new light on King Arthur, who is said to have visited this place, and according to the legend had a vision of Mary Magdalene and the baby Jesus there. Birchgrove Pool, as seen from the site of the old chapel. Here are two men so figured this out years ago: Whether you agree with his conclusions or not, Graham’s findings are always original and thought provoking, and his books make an exciting read. According to the Daily Mail , Phillips believes he has discovered evidence confirming that the medieval ruler was buried outside the village of Baschurch in Shropshire. The knight who remained as a recluse at the chapel containing Arthur’s tomb was Bedivere. The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts. If Arthur was buried in a chapel tomb rather than an outside grave, then it would likely have been similar in design, rather than the unmarked circular pits of the later period when Cynddylan died. However, unlike The Berth, the site of the chapel has not been listed as a protected monument, and it only needs the permission of the land owners for an excavation to take place. Previous works suggested that before the chapel, a Saxon mastery had been present on the site. There was one final piece of evidence that was highly significant. If Not the Fairies, Then Who Built the Ancient Poulnabrone Dolmen? Furthermore, at the centre of the ditch there was a diamond-shaped piece of metal about six inches wide, possibly the central boss of an ancient shield. Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us.

Could this have been the stone from the tomb of King Arthur that, according to legend, bore the Latin inscription: HIC IACET ARTHURUS REX QUONDAM REX QUE FUTURES - HERE LIES KING ARTHUR, THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING. If the legend of his burial is based on truth, then such a simple holy shrine might have housed the tomb of the historical King Arthur. Unfortunately, a geophysics survey has proved ineffectual, as the road surface and foundation rubble immediately beneath prevented any useful readings. Messiah on Temple Mount: Are We Nearing the End of Time? It’s called geophysics, where various types of equipment, such as ground- penetrating radar, can produce computer-generated images of what hides in the soil. It may or may not be from Arthur’s tomb, but it does show that the chapel did contain at least one tomb. Whether or not it was ever called Avalon, it was certainly similar to many ancient Celtic healing and burial sanctuaries found on lake islands throughout the British Isles.

( BBC). Although the technical restraints of the equipment made it impossible to reveal the presence of aged and fragile bones at that depth, the scan had produced compelling evidence that there was indeed a grave right where the ancient poem said King Cynddylan was buried. The Graham Phillips Website . Top image: Illustration from page 16 of ‘The Boy's King Arthur’ ( public domain ). Graham S. Phillips (born 1953) is a British author. If the other kings were interred at The Berth, then Berth Hill would seem the most likely location for their graves. Amongst the foundation stones that were taken away when the modern road was laid was a broken slab which appears to have come from the side of an interior tomb, rather than a grave. The Archaeology. Phillips has a background working as a reporter for BBC radio, and he was the Founding Editor (1979) of Strange Phenomena magazine. A tomb chest was a memorial structure, usually around two metres long, one metre wide and one and a half metres high, placed over the entrance to an underground vault where bodies were interred. However, these days, modern technology has made it possible to see what lies buried beneath the ground without the need to dig. The cross was subsequently tested by an independent metallurgical house, Bodycote PLC, and found to be made of electrum, and so certified. In Venezuela’s early history, between 1552 to 1555, lies the first and most famous historical account of a slave revolt in the new world. Moreover, Urbanus explained in Archaeology magazine that the burial actually belongs to 12 th century monks. It was beside a lane around 200 metres to the south-east of southern Berth causeway, but the stones were removed and the site tarmacked over when a modern road was laid in the 1930s. This rebellion was led by Miguel de Buria, who not only won... Ramesses II is arguably one of the greatest pharaohs of ancient Egypt, and also one of its most well-known. The entire area of The Enclosure was surveyed by the geophysics team and no other indications of graves were found.

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