Antonio and Hailey get into the room, the man is out cold but Olene says she knows who the man is, but cannot say anything. Marcella, a visiting cop, lends her help to the case since she knows a thing or two about the gang unit. Voight meets with Ray Price again, who reminds Voight that he owes him a favor still from the O’Grady case, the Irish cop who framed a young brother for his own suicide. Springfield is the sixth Marcella Gomez: I'm sorry. Voight interrogates Graynor, who swears he has never cheated on his wife before and has never blacked out before, so the only way this could have happened is this girl drugged him. Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 13 Review: Chasing Monsters - TV … He appreciates her looking out for him but doesn’t need a babysitter. - Season 5 Episode 16 - Profiles; Chicago Fire - Season 6 Episode 13 - Hiding Not Seeking; Production. She is certain she can identify the man who shot her. Chicago PD Recap 11/15/17: Season 5 Episode 7 “Care Under Fire”, Chicago PD Recap 11/8/17: Season 5 Episode 6 “Fallen”, Chicago PD Recap 10/25/17: Season 5 Episode 5 “Home”, Chicago PD Recap 10/18/17: Season 5 Episode 4 “Snitch”, Chicago PD Recap 10/11/17: Season 5 Episode 3 “Promise”, Chicago PD Recap 10/4/17: Season 5 Episode 2 “The Thing About Heroes”, Chicago PD LIVE Recap: Season 4 Episode 22 “Army of One”, Chicago PD Recap 4/26/17: Season 4 Episode 20 “Grasping for Salvation”, Eric Learns Quinn Spiked Brooke’s Drink – Demands Divorce, Vanessa Marcil Return Rumors Heat Up – Shares GH Throwback Pic. Voight takes a call asking Brian if there is anything else he can do for him; Brian storms out. Upton and Halstead are to stay at the flophouse where the girls are, and once they say they have Yuri they can get the girls and bust everyone else. He says she is the only one who can fix this mess but wants to know if she is with CPD or with them. Ray says he wouldn’t threaten him, but he intends to cash in on that favor. © 2020 TV Fanatic Everyone raises a glass as he says the CPD will continue to be the city’s saving grace! Celebrity Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery news - before and after pictures. Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, November 29, 2017, season 5 episode 8 called, “Politics,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. TV Schedule. Well, he's either incredibly sensitive, he's got a cold, or he's prepared for winter in Chicago. A Muslim patrol officer is suspected of causing a van to explode during a Chicago street festival when he goes missing and evidence points to his being involved. On tonight’s Chicago PD episode as per the NBC synopsis, “A congressman is found passed out … Matt and his boss, Brian Macklin (Ty Jones) are very tight-lipped, refusing to divulge any information to Voight or Burgess, saying they have been investigating these guys for 2 years and don’t want to spook these guys now; Voight says they have two dead people and a mother who won’t care about their RICO case. Kim Kardashian photos, pictures, galleries and videos. Voight reminds him it is never a good idea to speak ill of the dead. Voight walks away. Antonio: So you were telling me about how much you like being single. In return, Olinksy promises to keep his ear to the ground for anything that might link him to the body. Ray feels this is no different than any other deal. Voight says he will try but if the evidence goes against him, all bets are off. He reiterates that she needs to talk to Voight and he is doing this to protect both of them. Hailey promises he won’t hurt another soul. Chicago Med 1.1. What? Is GH JaSam Pregnant? Unfortunately, they pieced everything together a little too late and when they found El Lobo, they found Marcella with a gun to his head. They go to visit the guy, Luke, who was working security the previous night. Det. Marcella: Mmm, oh yeah, it's fantastic. Denny pays Voight another visit before the episode's end to inform him that the FBI found evidence linking him to Kevin's murder— bullets from a gun he took from a victim that never made it into evidence. "Chicago P.D." Jay calls the IU into the room, saying he found something on video, showing that the man tried to kill the mom first, then went to take out Sasha at the hotel. The entire IU is outside, watching as the girls are brought back to the truck because Yuri didn’t show up; Voight feels he was probably given a heads up by the Feds and wants to keep Olene in play for now. He didn’t say a word but says he wants a photo of Graynor and the dead girl, whether he was a mark or not, he feels even the Pope couldn’t get out of that in the public’s eye. Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) informs her team to get the photos out there of Olene; she also advises Kim to step away from the case if she wants to stay in the relationship with Matt.

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