Refreshingly, little is known about how Flanagan is planning to spin the James text into his own masterful creation, but Flanagan regulars will be returning, including Hill House stars Victoria Pedretti, Henry Thomas, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, and Kate Siegel.

How Long Is The Dark Pictures: Little Hope?

Owing more to projects like Tales From the Crypt or early Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson films, this is the story of a girl named Sam (Caitlin Custer) who listens to tales told by a creepy mortician named Montgomery Dark (the always-welcome Clancy Brown). (Many of the films, like “The Longest Night,” about a girl trapped in a coffin, were shockingly macabre for broadcast television.) Avoid if: You find old movies to be too creaky to take seriously. Why not try an animated Halloween special? Blending commentary on the refugee crisis in Europe with striking visions of absolute horror, His House was described at Sundance as being the stuff of “screaming nightmares.” Sounds perfect for the night before Halloween in a year like this one. Tags:ComedyHorrorJohn LandisOpinionsStephen KingSteven Spielberg. Advertisement. All 340 Bruce Springsteen Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best. They changed the game, introducing the world to a brave, daring new voice in the genre.

Notable Cast: Albert Brooks, John Lithgow, Vic Morrow, and many more.

Troy James in a scene from the film “Black Box,” part of the “Welcome to the Blumhouse” anthology on Prime Video.

It ran for 5 seasons from 1959 to 1964 with 156 episodes, each telling a different short story ranging from purely scientific to incredibly fantastical. Segment Highlight: “The Principal” is the only non-supernatural tale of the bunch and it’s all the creepier for it. In the grand Netflix tradition of Stranger Things, it looks like the kids will likely drive the action, but there’s a fun supporting cast of familiar grown-up faces at play here too, including Sarah Gadon, Chris Redd (again! Tales from the Crypt (1972) Amicus Productions made several anthology horror films in their heyday. Most of these movies are 100 minutes or less. The hit-or-miss V/H/S answers the question “what if found footage was applied to an anthology film?”. Nintendo Switch Cloud Versions: What You Need To Know, Xbox’s Games With Gold For November 2020 Include Aragami, LEGO Indy, Over the Moon REVIEW – A Visually Stunning But Uneven Fairy Tale, Scream Queens & Final Girls: The Art of the Slasher Film, Assassin’s Creed Adaptation Coming To Netflix, Ghost Stories: When Dubbing Goes Horribly Right, Johnny Gargano Wins NXT North American Championship, Why Thunder Rosa’s WWE Debut Will Change Women’s Wrestling, 5 Books To Read If You Love Classic Monsters, 5 Most Exciting New Books of November 2020, Sorrow: An Uplifting Novel About Chasing Your Passion, boasting an international cast and high production values on a shoestring budget, The Best Slasher Movies of All-Time You Should Watch, The City of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty REVIEW, The Displaced by Viet Thanh Nguyen REVIEW, Piecing Me Together by Renée Watson REVIEW, King Cohen (2018) REVIEW – Effortlessly Appealing, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tips & Guides.

Movies Were Better When Whoopi Goldberg Was in Them.

The film’s framing sees a man driving out to a house in the country and coming across a group of people he’s seen before, but only in his dreams.

Certainly, this seminal Japanese horror movie classic is artfully staged and shot with a magnificent, unique eye for detail. And with good reason, as it happens. Then create your own list of your favorite anthology flicks to share online! Or maybe you’re feeling a pang of “oh god I wanted to watch every single Giallo film and now it’s October 30th where the fuck did the time go?”. : “The Principal” is the only non-supernatural tale of the bunch and it’s all the creepier for it. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Romero’s idea for Creepshow was to mimic the horror comics and serials that both he and King grew up reading. Anthologies come in a variety of forms. There is something particularly fun about watching ooky spooky flicks around Halloween; something ritualistic, festive, and appropriate that can’t quite be captured at any other time of the year. Oddly enough, the series never came to fruition, but an anthology film will surface this month from Brannon Braga (24, Star Trek: The Next Generation), though Barker fans should be warned that these are mostly original stories, developed in collaboration with the legendary author but not direct adaptations.

And with good reason, as it happens.

It’s full of Joan Crawford panache, and that bittersweet flavor of irony that put Serling on the map. Rachel Bloom Admits to Her Fifth-Grade Bully That She Was in Love With Him.

Cadaver (Netflix, October 22) – A postapocalyptic Norwegian film about a family of three who attend a charitable event at a hotel where things start to get weird. And, not to be a bummer, but this ghoulish window of opportunity is closing fast. The original title of this 1963 Italian horror anthology was The Three Faces of Fear. Features: Peter Cushing, Joan Collins, Roy Dotrice, and a host of others.

The first short, “Cemetery”, is good fun, and the third short, “The Escape Route”, is handled well by a capable young Spielberg, but it is the second short, “Eyes”, that is the one worth singling out. “You’re never gonna get the best out of a person by being mean to them.”.

“This is the night when fear and horror walk hand in hand!” From the bold and colorful mind of Mario Brava comes a stylish and atmospheric Italian deep dive into black magic, vampires, and revenge from beyond the grave. The most enduring element of this movie seems to be that horrible little doll. It plays out exactly as you would expect, and King delivers a delightfully bad and schlocky performance. A horrible, horrible price.

The group then proceeds to swap stories about their own unnerving encounters with the supernatural. There are dozens of anthology horror movies.

Let us know in the comments! The only thing better than one scary story is several scary stories wrapped in one. Tales from the Darkside is comprised of three shorts and compact narrative to frame them all.

: “Dumplings,” is almost unwatchable once you know what is going on and the selfish depravity it showcases would be enough to make Lady Bathory and Dorian Grey blow chunks.

Night Gallery often featured adaptations of horror short stories, including those of H.P. Turns out “extreme” horror doesn’t have to devolve into torture porn.

Ti West’s “Second Honeymoon” is aptly both the second best short and the second to appear in the film. Time to gather round the campfire/subscription service.

The list of directors alone would make any child of the 80s shriek with glee. Here are Screen Rant’s 13 Best Horror Anthology Movies Of All Time. Post navigation.

Well, times have changed, and not just because of the pandemic. Our personal favorite is “Eye”, which features Mark Hamill as a baseball player with an eye that has more control over him than he does of it. Segment Highlight: The “Ventriloquist’s Dummy Sequence,” features a mentally unhinged Michael Redgrave driven mad by his demented dummy Hugo. You’ll see what I mean after watching the final story in the trilogy, “Amelia.” That’s fair. Featuring plenty of intertextual shout outs to horror heavy hitters like John Carpenter and Stephen King, Trick ‘r Treat offers demented glee and a contagious festive spirit. A tightly-wound high school principal (Dylan Baker), has a dangerously low tolerance for annoying children and a dark secret buried in his backyard. When the priests begin to suspect that he may be singing for the dead, they cover him in sacred wards to protect him from the spirits…well, most of him. The writer-director of Dear White People returned to Sundance this year with an ambitious, insane horror movie about a killer weave — and Hulu is bringing it home for viewers just in time for the holiday.

Then there’s the streaming feature-film anthology.

One of the most beloved anthologies among horror fans is a made-for-TV movie: Dan Curtis’s camp “Trilogy of Terror,” which aired in 1975 on NBC … It’s simple, yet incredibly effective. From the indie video game to the dominating AAA that needs a 1000Gb day one update, we’ve got you covered. Miller smartly recasts the William Shatner role from the original with John Lithgow to great effect.

A collaboration between renowned heavy hitters Fruit Chan, Park Chan-wook, and Takashi Miike, Three…Extremes is thoughtful, stylish, and deeply, and profoundly brutal. “This is the night when fear and horror walk hand in hand!” From the bold and colorful mind of. Creepshow, which also draws from DC horror comics, is one of the more overt examples. Based on George Romero’s ’80s TV show of the same name. Segment Highlight: “Eyes.” An affluent blind woman pays a gambler for his eyes and blackmails a surgeon to perform a procedure that will restore her eye sight for 12 hours. Kristin Scott Thomas takes on the iconic role of Mrs. Danvers, while the supporting cast is filled out by Keeley Hawes, Sam Riley, and Ann Dowd. Timmy begs the witch not to cook him, distracting her with stories that he has heard. Features: Debbie Harry, Matthew Lawrence, Christian Slater, Steve Buscemi, Juliane Moore. Josh Ruben’s horror-comedy “Scare Me” stars Ruben and Aya Cash as two writers who try to outdo each other telling scary tales one night in a Catskills cabin.

Features: Bai Ling, Byung-hun Lee, Kyoko Hasegawa.

If you’ve ever wanted to see Karen Black (who *I* know as Mother Firefly from House of 1000 Corpses) get horribly tormented in there different terrifying tales than have I got a TV movie for you. Now if you’re anything like me, Halloween is something you carry with you in your heart all year round like a malignant tumor that compels you to watch Re-Animator about once a month.

Accelerated terror in a fleeting time frame: that’s the revved-up engine that drives “Monsterland” and other new horror anthologies out this spooky season.

This horror classic features three shorts, each based on a different Edgar Allen Poe story. When you ask a seasoned horror fan to recommend an anthology film, Creepshow is the movie that immediately comes to mind.

The Cleansing Hour (Shudder, October 8) – This original film centers on a group that streams exorcisms — and may have stumbled on a real demon.

We are talking about movies that endeavor to tell a series of engaging, self-contained stories that must also contribute to a common theme. Features: Karen Black, Robert Burton, John Karlen. Unlike the mixed V/H/S, every short in Southbound is not only stylistically impressive, but also gets under your skin. The first is based on the King short story “Survivor Type” (included in the Skeleton Crew anthology) and stars Kiefer Sutherland; the second is written by Hill and stars Joey King in something called “Twittering From the Circus of the Dead.” Sounds terrifying. : “Wish You Were Here.” A variation on the W.W. Jacobs short story “The Monkey’s Paw,” this segment sees the wife of a failed businessman call upon the powers of a wish-granting Chinese figurine to improve their lives.

Happy Halloween! This cast included Boris Karloff as the narrator (and a small cameo appearance), taking the audience through three separate stories of horror and woe. That doesn’t sacrifice any blood or respect for morbid detail. Tales with murder, pumpkins, ghosts, and werewolves of course.

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