Shermanology, Mojoe, Atop this diffuse, amorphous tapestry, Cave is free to regale us with some of his most abstract, yet most personal writing to date, images of “spirals of children climbing up to the sun”, “galleon ships”, and “mommy and daddy bear” haunting rather than fronting the instrumentation. It can only be Survival & Script’s second Scar album: High Fives & Devil Eyes. Adriano, And I think a lot of that is bullshit. The sketched illustration depicting Lenzman with friends from his neighbourhood growing up isn’t just any old drawing though, it was drawn by his dad, which tells us that this is Lenzman’s most personal work to date. Sammy Virji, Triggz, 11-tracks deep, one of the most remarkable achievements of the LP for me is how space is utilised. Hyroglifics, Outsider, In doing that, you appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into the prose. The album cover for Bobby hints at what’s to come musically: simplicity done exceptionally well. But this isn’t a pastiche. On this slinkling lullaby track, which congeals celeste instrument keys and reverb-effect piano arpeggios, Van Etten sings about being conflicted about losing her identity (“don’t wanna run away from myself”) while admiring parenthood’s grounding effects (“you won’t let me go astray”). Kano, Tracks such as the Eartha Kitt-sampling “Hide Out” and the Cam’ron-interpolating “What You Did” are a testament to Mahalia’s fusion of the traditional with the modern, allowing her to deliver a resolutely timeless message of strength and resilience in the face of heartbreak. Maceo Plex, PAUL BRIDGEWATER. Breaking Beattz, Ice X Diaz, In Dub, Dances With White Girls, So many people are out there doing fucked-up shit because they think they have this purpose…”. Variety-with-a-capital-V: those rising/falling chimes and that surging early 2000s liquid sound of Stolen Memories, those early Virusesque swampy, almost jazzy bass warps on First Sound, the absurd wonkiness and techno tendencies of Pauline… Each track taps into a different quarter of the game Scar have made their name in, but does so with consistency and an arrangement that keeps you listening until the very end… And beyond. Murder He Wrote, We Are Not Your Kind received exceptionally positive reviews, with Kerrang! Every sound is melted down and distorted into this candied 8-bit journey that shows you just how fun it can be to escape your comfort zone. TS7, Your Wilderness Revisited is more than an album – it is, if one digs deep enough, an endless hermeneutic loop, which constantly asks questions and only suggests further reading by way of answers. With a trunk full of narcotics and the bright lights of America’s dark underbelly lying in wait, you have no choice but to take Brown’s hand and follow him into the debauchery. “It’s hard to say forever love, forever’s just so far / Why don't you say you’re with me now, with all of your heart, with all of your heart, with all of your heart.”, 2019 needed an album that explored the nature of love, the self and articulated why understanding them both still matters. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it wasn’t what I felt at this time. LUKE CARTLEDGE, In lieu of numerous political campaigns designed to smear the reputation of grime and London's black community in recent years, the unique creativity coming from the UK's most ignored genre found new life.

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