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Short of that, you'd need to pull up boards in the floor to get the pest. That sounds like a lot, but ammonia is cheap, and I would rather have too much than not enough. These round creatures look like little bears when they stand up on their hind legs. Groundhogs are very shy and slow moving animals. I think I will try the ammonia - but my fear is the odor will linger into my cellar and stink up my house!! Groundhogs are herbivores and, as such, are a prey item on the menu of many predators.

I want to move. We developed techniques for eliminating groundhog burrows. It was yummy. They have been known to undermine structures causing damage to the structure from shifting foundations. A somewhat unusual quality among rodents, groundhog incisors don’t protrude when their mouths are closed and tend to be whitish instead of the common brownish-yellow of most rodent teeth. You can also spray the solution around the entrances and exists of their tunnels. I think this one will have to be terminated to keep it out. One of the biggest attractions to groundhogs is their national holiday on February 2nd. Some people also run a hose from their car's exhaust and release the fumes into the groundhog's hole. This keeps the woodchuck from getting under the fence. A person could suffer a leg or ankle injury stumbling across one of those holes. Evidently he was one fierce Rat Terrier and had some skills. Dachshunds were bred to go down the burrow of badgers. They always just dug out their burrows and dragged out the shop rags. If you do, you can begin your eviction about three weeks later with relative assurance that it will avoid affecting dependent offspring. Sometimes I think the groundhogs watch what you plant and spot what they think you love the most and target those plants and eat them down the ground in the blink of an eye. I am conjecturing here, I did not try it, but based on my experience with the little balls of this stuff, I suspect that the towel approach would work. It took about 3 hours to skin and cut into quarters for the freezer - hopefully I wont have to get faster. The bedchamber is lined with grass, which is replaced with fresh grass during the spring if young are expected. So basically, they love to set up around your garden’s fence or a farm’s field. If you take care of him and love him he will also protect you and your family. Small breed dogs do not have the power to overwhelm a groundhog like a large breed, but often think that they can.

I guess that this little guy just mistook the groundhogs for oversized rats. Groundhogs sometimes den in crawlspaces, so it is important to inspect the outside of, home for access points, such as broken vent covers or holes in the foundation. Beyond that, keeping undergrowth and grass cover low may deny woodchucks the security they seek before burrowing around buildings and residences. But, expecting the dog to solve the problem is probably expecting too much of the dog. I also tried filling in the openings of the holes after each pour to trap the fumes. However, they are capable of carrying fleas, ticks and rabies. And many horse owners fear their horses will trip over woodchuck burrows in paddocks and injure themselves. I would not give any guarentees what a Chihuahua would do. Here are some of the most popular ways to evict a groundhog from your property (and keep them out). owever, they are capable of carrying fleas, ticks and rabies. However, they are also known to eat a lot of other garden pests, including caterpillars, roaches, grubs, grasshoppers, and snails. Beavers also tend to live closer to water, as they build their homes on the surface to help deter predators from entering. Both are known to make their home underneath vacant houses. If you can live with them eating flowers or veggies from your gardens you are all set. Great advice on this hub, too late for my friend but I am sure others will find this helpful. And I used a LOT of ammonia. My question is,, Do these options of deterences that you say that frustrate & make groundhogs go away, work for these other animals & different ones I did not mention ?

I haven't heard of "have a heart" traps before. Barbara Badder (author) from USA on September 21, 2012: The- Quietwarrior, It is worth trying on moles. People have found the most success when using a one-door live trap (cage trap) that is about 12"x12"x32". Any poison that works on a groundhog will be equally effective against your family. Instead of being shy, they will become highly aggressive. Lansing MI have woodchucks living under porches and sheds. Always wear gloves and goggles when handling ammonia because it can burn your skin and highly irritate your eyes. This B**** IS LEAVING MY YARD TONIGHT, ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. Ammonia didn't work either. In addition to personal health, their burrows can destabilize buildings and cause property damage.

Groundhogs sometimes den in crawlspaces, so it is important to inspect the outside of the home for access points, such as broken vent covers or holes in the foundation.

heir front feet also have long, curved claws for digging burrows. To keep them from entering your yard once you scare them away or get rid of them, build fencing at least 2 feet deep into the ground to prevent digging and least 3 feet tall to prevent them from jumping over the fencing! It should work for ground hogs then too.

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