The [Louisiana Lottery] corporation shall enter into an agreement with the state police to help distribute information provided by the state police. The Louisiana AMBER Alert plan is a statewide plan which can act in conjunction with other plans if so requested. (c) The office of the sheriff for the parish in which such report was received, if it did not originally receive the report. //-->. (b) The Department of Public Safety and Corrections, if it did not originally receive the report. C. The agreement shall also include provisions to authorize the transmission of other information the state police may consider imperative to be distributed to the public relative to other abductions or state or national emergencies. Citizens having information which may lead to the recovery of the abducted child will be requested to contact law enforcement agencies by calling 911, or their local law enforcement agency. In January 1996, nine-year-old Amber Hagerman was abducted from her Dallas, Texas area neighborhood while she was riding her bicycle. Call the LSP HQ Communications Unit to advise of the forthcoming request and via which mechanism. 229, §1. (1) Any state or local law enforcement agency receiving a report of a missing child and having reasonable grounds to believe such report is accurate shall within forty-eight hours after the date of receipt of the report notify each of the following of the fact and contents of such report: var emailHost = "" Each station will issue the distinct AMBER Alert warning sound… Reports of missing children; procedures; false reports or communications; penalties //--> Once Louisiana State Police has received official notice that the child has been found, an "end of alert" message will be issued to cancel the AMBER Alert. The alert will be broadcast every 20 minutes during the first three hours and every 30 minutes thereafter for the next two hours, or until an "end of alert" message is received from law enforcement. This statewide system provides law enforcement agencies with intermediary access to the transmitted signals of those radio and television broadcast stations and cable systems, across the state which voluntarily participate during the critical minutes following an initial report to local authorities of the abduction of a child. Filing Procedures and the Process Her father, Brandon Phillip Fontenot, is in custody. It is an investigative tool and not designed to be relied upon as the sole means of recovery. Their direction of travel from the residence is unknown, according to a news release from State Police. Anyone having information on the whereabouts of Paizley Fontenot should immediately contact the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office at (337) 363-2131 or call 911. This accounts for < 1% of all murders in the United States. Paizley was taken by her non-custodial father, Brandon Phillip Fontenot, on Sunday December 9 th at approximately 12:35 pm. 503, §1. Paizley was taken by her noncustodial father, Brandon Phillip Fontenot, on Sunday at 12:35 p.m. She was taken from her mother’s residence on Norward Street in Ville Platte. Thanks to the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters, the Louisiana State Police, local law enforcement agencies, and 250 radio and television stations across the state, Louisiana now has the AMBER Alert in place. If you are solicited, please contact a Louisiana State Police coordinator. If unsure, call LSP HQ Communications Unit at (225) 925-6536 or 6636.

… Some states have statewide plans, while other states may have AMBER Alert plans on a regional or metropolitan level and each plan operates independently of one another.

Acts 2005, No. When a child is abducted in Louisiana, State Police will send out the alert to local law enforcement and the media. 59, §1, eff. After LSP personnel receive the Reporting Form, it has to be reviewed to ensure it meets the criteria and enough information is available to make an AMBER Alert activation viable. He is approximately 5-feet-9 and weighs about 150 pounds, State Police said. She was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and pull-up diaper. The original AMBER Plan was developed for a local community in northern Texas as a means of distributing urgent child abduction alwrts to area radio stations through an emergency alert system.

Purpose of the Louisiana AMBER Alert plan: While this is a national effort, there is not one, unified plan among states. As of December 31, 2012, has transitioned into the Wireless Emergency Alerts program. Guidelines and Criteria of the Louisiana AMBER Alert Plan (2) Advise and educate children on ways to prevent them from being abducted. LSP is the filtering agency, which forwards the information to a broadcaster contact. C. Any state police officer, members of other law enforcement entities, radio or television broadcasters, cable television operators, lottery corporation or lottery vendors who transmit or display, or who fail to transmit or display such information concerning an abducted child, and other entities who may become an active component of this effort, shall not be liable for any civil damages or criminal penalty as a result of any acts or omissions relative to the "Amber Alert" program. Amber Alert cancelled after missing 3-year-old Ville Platte girl found; father in custody. The Amber Alert has been cancelled. 652,104 missing children were entered into NCIC, the national criminal database.